Tips for playing BlackPink The Game for beginners

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Joining BLACKPINK THE GAME, players can manage their favorite girl group and play the role of a K-Pop producer, solving puzzles, customizing lineups and leveling up beautiful female members. The game’s exciting mix of puzzle and team management is attracting fans. Let see this with Oris Today!!

Players will need to manage schedules, design performance costumes and train female idols to make the group more and more popular. In this article, let’s find out tips for playing BlackPink The Game to support newbies on their journey to becoming an all-around artist manager.

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Use code BlackPink The Game to exchange items

Developer BlackPink The Game regularly gives gamers codes to exchange valuable items. By using the code BLACKPINK The Game, players will receive money in the game, costumes for idols, … completely free.

Follow the schedule

Schedule quizzes are at the heart of BLACKPINK THE GAME. To pass each level, the player removes blocks with picture cards featuring the BLACKPINK members. The goal is to pass each level using as few moves as possible and the cards with the highest score value. Try to get a feel for which block shapes fit and which areas to focus on to get the best score.

Upgrade membership cards

If you’re having trouble completing your 3-star schedule, upgrade your card with coins and Stardust. Higher level cards require more Stardust, so make sure the cards are leveled equally before moving on to the next more level.

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The game also offers a unique feature of combining the cards that the player gets from the normal gacha to get new cards. This is a fun way to power up levels.

Explore the management area

The administration area is a multi-room building where you can drop by to collect Stardust and coins. Build and upgrade all available rooms as soon as possible to maximize rewards. Remember, gamers can speed up the process by using any free boosters they’ve received.

Get free gifts everyday

Every day, the game offers a variety of ad-based free bonuses. These include diamonds, albums, BPW tickets, random items, regular gacha, speed boosts, and coins. Remember to watch the ads and claim these free rewards daily to maximize resources and enhance gameplay.

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