Tips for playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the hugely popular island life simulation game for the Nintendo Switch, is constantly adding more exciting content to the list of beach activities.

Exciting activities such as catching shellfish, finding rare fish, fossils, bugs and plants, etc. are quickly loved by players. However, they are not easy to complete, so apply the following Animal Crossing: New Horizon tips to get off to a good start.

Tips for playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons


The latest Animal Crossing update allows players to jump into the water around the island and dive below the surface to discover bubbles. In the same way, unique fish and insects can be found around the island, now gamers can pick up a variety of sea creatures, which can be donated to Blathers at the museum or sold for a bell.

Beware of fake works

Animal Crossing introduced Redd, the fox that sells works of art, that can be hung in the museum. However, be careful as it also sells fake works. So ask to inspect a painting before buying it to see if you should shell out or keep the bells in your pocket.

Breeding flower varieties

Breeding new flower varieties is a slow but rewarding process in Animal Crossing. When watering flowers, they will spawn, and if watering adjacent flowers of the same type but different color, they will spawn with mixed colors. So if you want to discover new colors, plant varieties close together and leave room for them to grow.

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On the other hand, if you want an extra rare plant that happens to grow (like black tulips), separate them from other flowers and water them daily. Although this takes time, new plants will soon appear.

Don’t delay repayment

Tom Nook, a wealthy business magnate, constantly pressures players to spend more money than they have, causing debt to pile up on his first day.

New players will take some time to accumulate Nook Miles – an achievement-based currency, but try to earn them quickly and pay off the first debt as soon as possible.

The quicker he pays off his first loan, the quicker Tom will build everyone a home and, most importantly, provide the extra storage space needed for everything that’s about to be collected.

Search every kind of fruit

The first fruit found on the island is sold for 100 bells. But when there are more “foreign fruits”, the price can go up to 500 bells.

The problem is, collecting those rare fruits is quite difficult, even after spending all my Nook Miles going to other islands and looking for them.

However, since each player starts with different fruits on the island, one of the easiest ways to get all 6 crops is to share. If there are friends playing Animal Crossing, everyone can travel to their island and exchange with each other.

Fruit gives super power

If eating fruit, the player will notice a counter in the upper left corner of the screen. This stat shows how many pieces of fruit the character has eaten (up to 10 pieces).

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With each piece, the player can perform a superpower, such as breaking a stone or digging a tree. Digging up trees makes it easy for people to pick groves of trees, and when visiting other islands, it helps to transplant new fruit trees without having to wait for them to grow back.

Do not break the stone

Iron, clay, and stone are all useful early game resources, but they are hard to find. When hitting a rock with an ax or shovel, it will create one of these three resources, but quite a few.

This makes some people think that will eat some fruit and hit a rock to get more resources.

When breaking a rock, the player will get a unique resource and everyone will have to wait for another rock to spawn elsewhere on the island. This will take days in real time.

The two exceptions to stone destruction are when trying to make space for another construction or want the stone to spawn closer to home for easier harvesting.

Catch all the fish and bugs

Players should catch every animal they see including fish and bugs. Focus on finding bugs in flowers, catching butterflies in bushes, shaking trees and rocks for bugs and spiders.

As soon as you’ve built your first bug net and fishing rod, start handing over the collected creatures to Tom Nook. While it is possible to sell these creatures to Timmy and Tommy, the island’s resident traders, Tom Nook will send each unique discovery to his owl friend Blathers.

After raising enough donations, the Blathers owl will build a museum on the island and take the player into a much larger collection project that unlocks a substantial amount of game content.

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