Tips for playing Amnesia: The Bunker beginners need to know

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Amnesia: The Bunker is a first-person horror game set in a World War I-era bunker. An AI-controlled monster constantly stalks the player. Survival depends on finding tools, crafting items, and keeping the lights on.

This horror game offers tactile and physics-based interactions with its surroundings, creating an atmosphere of extreme tension for gamers. And for an easier start, read on to find out Important tips to know when playing Amnesia: The Bunker.

Capture the surroundings

Traps are very common in Amnesia: The Bunker, and appear more and more as you move deeper into secret areas. One popular theme that the game tends to establish is the Tripwire attached to the door.

Gamers can tell which rooms are likely to explode by checking the painted X marks on either side of the door frame. If you stumble upon it, throw something at the door from a safe distance, or gently push the door open and turn your head immediately to safety.

Note that triggering an alarm, or setting a trap, will attract unwanted attention, so be sure to have a bullet ready when the monster arrives to investigate the disturbance. In addition, the player can use a piece of meat to lead it elsewhere.

In addition to the numerous traps scattered throughout the bunker, there are also a number of hidden rooms and dark tunnels. However, if there is no fuel in the generator to keep these areas well lit, it is practically impossible to go deeper into the maze.

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Fortunately, there will be a save point and map to help fill in those vacant areas. Before diving deeper into Soldier’s Quarter, Prison or Arsenal, always be sure to familiarize yourself with the doors and rooms.

Instant fuel reserve

One of the main goals of playing The Bunker is to refuel the generator whenever the power goes out. The only downside to this is that the storage space is not spacious enough, leaving gamers to decide whether to stock up on fuel boxes, ammo or first aid bandages.

Gamers also need to save room for their tools, which will be needed to reach certain areas of the bunker. The flip side of this is that there are some extra bag upgrades to use, one in the prison cells and one in the office block.

Don’t waste ammunition

The player can’t actually kill the monster that wanders between rooms. The fact that gamers pour a whole magazine of ammunition on the enemy is not sure to defeat it.

Therefore, the best a player can do with his tools is to temporarily disable the monster, giving him more time to run away and find somewhere to hide. Fortunately, a single bullet can cause the monster to stop working, so the player doesn’t need to expend too much ammunition basically.

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