Tips for playing Amanda the Adventurer

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Amanda the Adventurer is an addictive horror game that keeps players up all night thinking about what it means, what happened and what will happen to the characters. This complex and bewildering game will create a sense of fascination, causing gamers to ask a lot of questions and hypotheses. This article will give beginners Amanda the Adventurer passing tips to get off to a good start.

Get everything the tape has to offer

Seeing everything in the tapes is very important when playing this game. Players have the opportunity to review the tape whenever they want, so don’t worry if you miss the key information. Important codes and secrets may be inside each tape.

There is also a game that has a tape pause function, available during the second playthrough. If you want to know all 5 endings, the player needs to play multiple times to see everything. Back to the point of looking at everything the tape has to offer, focusing on the context/ambience where Amanda and Wooly play.

If simply trying to get more tapes, don’t pay attention to the specific dialogues of Amanda and Wooly, instead refer to key pieces of information that will be helpful for the surrounding puzzles. attic room.

In every tape there will be at least one cipher/secret inside it, especially when alternate versions of it are found. Look at posters, building signs, and anything with numbers on them at the start of the game, as it is crucial to completing the piano and clock puzzle.

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Amanda was able to point out a specific detail that sounded more important than other parts of the conversation. For example, when Amanda says it was 3:45 when Wooly injured her knee, record that time. Along with this, gamers need a phone or pen to take notes when numbers, codes or other out-of-place things start appearing on the screen.

For example, note the capitalization of letters specific to the stores in the ‘In Your Neighborhood’ tape. Anything that seems out of place will involve a puzzle inside the attic. These can be Piano related or entered as numbers in locked crates.

All the answers can be found on the tape

When trying to complete puzzles, everything you need to combine is inside the ice. People will also need to complete multiple puzzles for the same item, e.g. 3 Piano Codes total for multiple endings.

When completing a puzzle through the center board (which is connected to the tapes), all the information can be found inside the tapes. So, when doing puzzles like coloring books, clock puzzles or weather forecasts, gamers need to recall what they have just seen/experienced from the tape while playing.

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