Tips for playing Aether Gazer for beginners

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Known for its futuristic graphics, post-apocalyptic storyline, thrilling action-adventure mode and over 40 characters, Aether Gazer has quickly become a favorite. This ARPG game requires players to understand the ability and operation of each character, then assemble the most comprehensive and powerful team to defeat the enemy.

In this article, let’s find out the tips to play Aether Gazer beginners need to know to have a good start, build the right squad and strategy, thereby defeating all evil forces.

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Always make sure to upgrade your character

Characters have a variety of rarity, and in general, the higher the rarity, the better the skills and abilities. Players can refer to the TOP most powerful characters in Aether Gazer. Upgrading the characters will give a core advantage and proper strategy when fighting against enemies as the base stats will be naturally higher. Characters can be upgraded by ways such as leveling, rank and skill.

The right formation is the key to victory

Players will need to sift through existing characters and put into a battle formation. Each team will require a leader with the role of providing additional stats for the whole team. The character placed in the center will automatically be classified as the team leader.

One more important thing to remember is that the player can only control the leader of the party and cannot control the other team members during the battle. The rest of the party will fight automatically, controlled by the AI, so choose characters with high CP (combat strength) and warriors you have experience in playing.

Complete daily quests

New players may be surprised at how little resources the Aether Gazer gives them. The gain also becomes low when the gamer reaches a certain threshold. Don’t worry because the daily quest will rescue everyone from the “hunger” for resources. These are easy and simple tasks to complete, requiring little or no effort but providing ample amount of resources.

Weapon Upgrade

It is very important to always upgrade weapons as they will be the main source of stats. Characters will completely rely on these stats when participating in battle. Therefore, players should regularly check to see what weapons they can upgrade further if they are stuck in a stage. Gamers can upgrade their weapons with the help of in-game currency found in different areas of the game.

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