Tips for managing idols in Idoly Pride

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Idoly Pride: Idol Manager is an extremely attractive role-playing game and simulation of managing an idol group. The game quickly gained popularity thanks to its engaging gameplay when interacting with idols, along with anime-standard graphics and character design.

The prettiest idols are working hard right now because they all have one goal: to be the top idol in every stage around the world. The player’s task is to do their best to help the group achieve that.

This article will provide useful tips in managing and developing the idol girl group Idoly Pride, turning the members into the world’s top idols.

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Level up idols

If you want to improve overall then make sure to do the best upgrades for the idols. There are different methods used to perform the upgrade, and each of them impacts in different ways.

The game has different types of skills and attributes for each party member and depending on that, gamers will be able to level up their skills. For example, if taking on the role of Healer, everyone will manage to raise the healing point to the best level.

On the other hand, another method of leveling up is in the Level Up option. To use this, everyone will have to use Lesson Piece to level up all of their idols. Besides, try to collect more Bloom Points, help players reach the maximum level as well as increase from the character’s star level.

Idol Training

Training is what allows idols to do better, learn their stories, and level up. This is the place where you can view the collection of idol cards and pass them on to get more bonuses. These rewards will be based on the rarity of the card. In the training model, the gamer can also use the accessories to earn a variety of rewards, which also allow to perform both Level Assist and Reset Level.

Attract more fans

In Idoly Pride, players strive to be the highest ranked idol and this means that the team must have many fans. Gamers can earn more points when managing to attract more fans, including Fan and Core Fan.

Core Fans are people who will attend your live performances, while Fans are casual fans who are loving and learning about idols. Since an idol needs to have more fans, in order to decide how successful will be achieved, gamers must therefore pay attention to attracting more fans, otherwise they will not be able to stimulate their fans. Activate the skills of the idol.

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