Tips for making potions in Potion Permit

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Potion Permit is an action-adventure role-playing game, developed by MassHive Media. It’s reminiscent of Stardew Valley and other life simulation games. Potion Permit tells the story of a chemist who must use modern alchemy to help the inhabitants of Moonbury when they are ill.

Players can collect resources to cook potions, medicines, and vitamins. At the same time have the ability to diagnose and cure diseases, make friends with more than 30 townspeople, get part-time jobs, …

Life simulation game Potion Permit
Life simulation game Potion Permit

Upgrades are available for tools, recipes, town areas, and even the player’s home. There’s even a companion pet, which can be named, fed, and will help locate hidden items and residents.

With so many fun activities to do, new players can feel confused as to where to start. Therefore, this article will provide tips to know when playing Potion Permit to successfully prepare many types of healing elixir.

Take advantage of fast teleport

Moonbury is a place with lots of places to explore in town and the surrounding area. Players can roll to move faster around the world, even while inside buildings. People can learn characters, fish, do part-time jobs, harvest ingredients, etc. Getting to the right location is made easier because all buildings on the map are located. label.

On the map are banners marking fast moving points. The player can see the location of the signposts even if the location is not activated, and these teleport points will change to a red banner when activated. This allows people to jump from the depths of the forest to the middle of town quickly, great for events that happen within a certain time, quickly get out of danger and return home before it’s too late.

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Always ready to fight

Both plants and monsters drop materials that can be crafted into potions. Characters may faint and miss the rest of the day due to a complete loss of health or stamina. Bringing food can increase stats, the better the food, the higher the stats. If the player runs out of food in the jungle, some mushrooms can be harvested and honey is dropped upon defeating the bear.

Rolling is an easy way to dodge a monster’s attack, especially since it doesn’t take any stamina, but after a few rolls it also requires a recharge. While it’s tempting to move fast in the jungle, make sure you have the energy to roll in case you need to avoid enemies. Along with upgraded tools, players can modulate to power up or damage enemies.

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