Tips for fighting crabs in Crab Champions

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Crab Champions is a fast paced roguelike game that is taking the gaming world by storm right now with its unique gameplay: control a crab and shoot your way to a glorious victory on several island, picking up a variety of weapons and support items along the way.

The game is also surprisingly challenging and can be daunting for those who haven’t tried it before. So, keep reading this article to get some tips for beginners to play Crab Champions that will help the beginner kill all the crabs and other sea creatures.

Patience and practice

Like many other roguelike games, Crab Champions is difficult and this is especially true for new players.

There’s so much to get used to and master in this game, so try to be patient with yourself so you don’t get discouraged if you find yourself dying often when you first start playing Crab Champions. Of course, the more you play, the more proficient everyone becomes and the better at fighting, thereby achieving great improvements with a little more practice.

Prioritize increasing damage per second

Crab Champions is designed in such a way that the progression is exponential, rather than linear. Combine this with the fact that players will often face multiple enemies at once, as well as bosses and the game’s difficulty level in general, when it comes to upgrading and evolving, gamers should look how to increase damage per second above all else.

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This not only allows to stay competitive throughout the whole level, but also makes it easy to neutralize enemies without being surrounded.

Watch out for enemies that spawn stealthily

There are several different types of enemies in Crab Champions and they all pose their own threats and challenges to the player. One thing gamers have come to realize is that enemies tend to appear fairly close to the player in Crab Champions, which can be as scary as some of the most intense horror roguelike games out there.

So do your best to keep an eye out for new spawns and make sure you don’t get trapped or drowned by a large group of enemies. This can happen too quickly and will often cause the player to lose.

Always move to avoid being engulfed by enemies

The crabs that the player controls in the game move quickly and can slide and flip, helping them to move further when jumping. This is important, as it plays a huge role in helping players avoid enemies in the game.

Moving as much as possible and using the movement mechanics freely is the best approach a player can take to avoid getting killed or losing in general.

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