Tips for exploring the world in Sonic Frontiers

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Sonic Frontiers has officially launched and this offers a whole new adventure, unlike its predecessors.

Sonic Frontiers is the first open-world adventure game. In addition to the fact that it has an entire open-world map to explore, this latest version also features a bunch of brand new gameplay mechanics on your exploration of Starfall and every biome in it.

Sonic Frontiers is the first Sonic game to explore the open world
Sonic Frontiers is the first Sonic game to explore the open world

With such a completely new game, grasping a few tips when playing Sonic Frontiers will help beginners get off to a good start, thereby exploring the game world more effectively.

Tips for exploring the world in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers takes place in the vibrant world of the Starfall Islands, home to massive monsters and tons of collectibles to find across the vast map. This includes unique space zones that represent many of the tracks in traditional Sonic, and a wealth of unique objectives and challenges to complete. Mastering these key tips will make your Sonic Frontiers experience even better.

Hoard Rings

Anyone who has played a game about Sonic knows that hoarding as many Rings as possible to survive is extremely important. The lack of Ring in dangerous boss battles can leave players in a precarious position.

Sonic Frontiers has given a whole new definition to item collection. For example, performing a certain glide called Cyloop Circles in the open world will automatically generate a number of Rings. The best part is that Sonic can perform these moves even during boss battles.

Maximize Rings to increase speed

The collection of rings in Sonic Frontiers is essential for another reason. Once these are maxed out, the player can perform a Godspeed skill that gives Sonic a green aura as the character dashes across the map.

Gamers must know when to store these Rings to perform at key moments in Sonic Frontiers.

Fishing for items

Sonic Frontiers probably has more items to collect than any previous Sonic Adventure title. Items come in the form of defense power-ups, Rings, tokens, and more. Players can find them all over the open world map.

However, there is another way to collect items if you don’t want to accidentally miss them. Gamers need to collect purple coins and go to a specific portal that gives access to a fishing game. Then exchange coins to fish different types of aquatic creatures. By successfully catching them, players will receive rewards with all kinds of items.

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