Tips for exploring the world in Bugsnax

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Bugsnax is an adventure game that takes players to explore a mysterious island, trying to find and capture creatures of the same name, half food, half bug. This game attracts gamers by interesting mechanics combined with beautiful and colorful graphic design.

Players must find a way to use and coordinate tools to bring Bugsnax types into traps. The number of Bugsnax that exists on the island is extremely diverse, so new players may find it difficult in the early stages. Therefore, the following Bugsnax game tips will help players explore the world and catch bugs more easily.

Scan everything possible

As a journalist who has been to Snaktooth Island, it is important to have as much information about the creatures that inhabit the area as possible. This is where SnaxScope becomes the most important tool.

Once the SnaxScope is in hand, it not only provides the player with information about the various Bugsnax s, but can also scan other characters and objects around the island. The information that SnaxScope provides can be found in a book called Bugapedia.

Stick with Bugapedia

While players can do the chores on their own without instructions, that will add to the hours of gameplay and make things more difficult than necessary.

SnaxScope fills Bugapedia with a variety of very important information, and gamers should take advantage of it. Information about Bugsnax in the book includes their species, what they like or dislike, and guide players on how to best catch Bugsnax.

Pay attention to the hats

While hunting Bugsnax, players will see creatures that often appear in the same places and at the same time every day. However, sometimes they are different from each other, for example wearing a hat.

If you catch Bugsnax wearing a hat, everyone will own that hat. Players can donate the hat they find to Gamble’s farm. There are a total of 25 hats in the game, with 23 appearing on their own and the rest being holiday-only. The player will know a hat is about to be captured by checking the area image on the hat board, which spawns at Gamble’s farm, after obtaining the first hat.

Bugsnax hunts Bugsnax

There are many hunting tools used to catch bugs, and other Bugsnax could be one of them. Gamers can completely use other Bugsnax as lures or as a predator to catch the target bug.

One of these options is the Buggy Ball, a Strabby inside a glass sphere that can point in a specific direction. Coating this with sauce can attract specific creatures or serve as a tool to bring Bugsnax out of hiding. Other Bugsnax in the environment can also be used directly or indirectly as potential predators.

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