Tips for building a successful family in Chinese Parents

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Chinese Parents is a Chinese family simulation game with many unique and attractive content. Players will be born into a traditional Chinese family and begin to learn all the skills, learn to speak, toddler and then gradually mature.

However, raising a child is not easy. Want to turn into a genius or a professional basketball player, it is all up to the player’s decision. This life simulation game genre is quite new and very addictive, so let’s refer to some tips to know when playing Chinese Parents to build a successful family.

Know the basic rules of the game

Not only Chinese Parents but players should learn the basic rules of any game they are about to start playing. Never skip the tutorial because that’s where new players will learn all the rules and basic content. So make sure you’ve read the full guide to playing Chinese Parents.

This will make it easier for gamers to complete quests and earn rewards. There are 5 types of fragmentation initially, others appear later. The player needs to absorb shards to gain stats and takes 10 actions to absorb 1.

The 5 basic fragmentation types are IQ, EQ, imagination, memory and talent shards cost 15 actions, generating higher stats. The remaining types of debris will appear later.

Followed by duels and mini-games constantly appearing. If you ignore them, the player will lose a significant amount of money and that is absolutely not advisable. Make sure to always check the child’s mental state as it’s over 100 everyone will lose.

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Strategies for child development

When there is no tension, the game will be quite easy, but when the pressure of timing arises, gamers will be quite busy. From this stage onwards, gamers will have to keep up with parental stress, satisfaction, and expectations.

One trick that can be applied is to try buying stress relievers whenever you see your stress level up to 60%. Also, keep an alternating schedule of recreation and skills while keeping a better growth and less stress.

As the child grows, the player can also decide if you want your child to focus more on the arts or sciences and make them learn skills. Make sure to get the shards and keep mining.

Focus on social skills

Just focusing on study skills is a bad thing. Gamers have to keep everything in balance. After a certain point in the game, people can start dating and making friends.

This takes a lot of energy, so don’t start it in the first 3 generations. If done right from the start, people won’t have much time to unlock stats.

Also, even after having a relationship, players only have a 20% success rate of actually being with them and starting a family. Trying to learn skills, the first generation may be unstable, but the later generations will have a much better life.

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