Tips for a successful escape in Evade

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Evade is a survival game on Roblox, which is filled with horror chases and jumpscares to scare the game. The game also has no shortage of funny situations to make it an enjoyable experience.

Players will need to survive different maps and bonus rounds, avoiding enemy pursuits. In this article, let’s learn the survival tips in Evade, helping players successfully escape the hunt and chase of the dark forces.

Unblock the door

Evade is a game that requires patience and thought. Breaking doors may seem trivial and useless at first, but over time it becomes more and more useful to break doors instead of opening them while walking.

To start breaking the door, run fast to any door to break it. As soon as you go through the door, press the bow key. This tip works on most doors, but not all doors are created equal.

Run on the wall

The best way to dodge is with fast speed. While the running speed of all characters is the same, there is a way to increase the base running speed.

For this tip, make sure the player is in third-person mode. In essence, there isn’t anything to do with perspective for this tip, but changing the perspective is much easier to do.

To start wall running, run as normal, but while running, stick to the wall to sprint faster. This tip can be a lifesaver in many critical situations and becomes the most versatile trick to escape.

Quickly revive

If resurrecting a defeated ally, there will be a respawn bar under their name to indicate their progress in awakening. While respawning, gamers don’t really have to respawn teammates that way. When the respawn bar crosses half, the respawn will take place regardless. So, if you are in imminent danger and want to revive a person at the same time, this tip can come in handy.

Pay attention to the warning lights

Warning lights are also a great way to know when Nextbot is nearby without actually seeing them. The lights in Evade are normally stationary, but when Nextbot is detected, the lights start flashing.

Flashing tempo indicates how close Nextbot is to the player, higher tempo indicates shorter distance, and vice versa. Use this mechanism to your advantage and proceed with a real run to a safer area as soon as the lights start flashing.

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