Tips for a successful escape in Escape Simulator

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Not everyone has the opportunity to participate in an actual escape game, or even without a large group of friends to go with. If you’ve always wanted a room to escape to or are eager to play with friends you interact with online, join Escape Simulator now.

Simulating the experience of escaping from a room, Escape Simulator is an escape puzzle game that can be played solo or co-op. Its puzzle mechanics feel incredibly smooth and intuitive, but for a rookie in the escape puzzle game this can be a big challenge.

In this article, learn tips for successfully escaping the challenges of Escape Simulator.

Examine the objects thoroughly

The player can press the spacer button while holding any object to examine it more closely. While in this test mode, the gamer can also move the mouse to rotate the object. Make sure to check everything in the room this way, even the tiniest objects. Never underestimate what is lurking in the most unexpected places.

Throw objects in the trash

Each puzzle room will have a designated trash can for use. Throwing items like debris or other miscellaneous items can be helpful, as most rooms are quite small and often filled with furniture. Sorting unused items into the trash will help players see through the important things under the clutter.

If you accidentally throw an important item in the trash, all it takes is to click it again to get it back.

Players can hold countless items

When starting the Escape Simulator, players will learn that they can use the number keys or the mouse wheel to organize the objects that have been picked up and placed in their inventory. People can pick up loads of objects at any time, so don’t worry about putting them down to make room for new ones.

When playing in co-op mode, gamers can view items in their friends’ inventory and check out items together by tapping on the same object they’re viewing.

Search for tokens in every nook and cranny

As players play through each escape room, players may stumble across a number of small tokens that look like square coins. These tokens are collectibles that gamers can pick up in every room to collect achievements on Steam. Try searching in small nooks and crannies or scrutinize objects to find them. As you search the room for clues to the puzzle, if you see the cogwheel pop up, be sure to click it. Chances are people have stumbled across a hidden token.

Search above so you don’t miss a clue

Gamers can easily get lost in cluttered objects, especially in small rooms. However, Escape Simulator still has many rooms with rather high ceilings. Some escape rooms will have items placed on shelves within easy reach, or essential clues high up in plain sight. If you feel stuck in finding clues, try looking up.

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