The trick is to win the Business Tour

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Business Tour is the familiar Monopoly – Monopoly style board game, suddenly “hot” again recently. So how to win in Business Tour? Let’s explore the “small but martial” tips below.

Guide to play Business Tour and win

Tips to win brain games on Business Tour

To win you need to earn 3 Monopoly and of course and all the beaches too. But how to get enough Monopoly? That is to focus on countries with 2 cells by buying only land belonging to those countries. The best places to buy are France (Paris and Lyon), Japan (Tokyo and Osaka), Germany (Hamburg and Berlin). These cities will help you earn enough Monopoly in the shortest time!

Tips for playing Business Tour for beginners
Tips for playing Business Tour for beginners

How to make money fast

Just like in real life, there are many ways to earn money in Business Tour game, which are:

  • In the beginning, try to keep your money above 1 million dollars (at least until round 3).
  • For the buildings you buy, focus on buying land. Sometimes it fools the player it’s just 1 flag and they can buy it back. But no matter what happens, you will still get a lot of money. Especially in the last round, you can buy a lot of things or save money until the round is over. The decision belongs to you.
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There are 2 ways to make money fast in Business Tour game
There are 2 ways to make money fast in Business Tour game

Beach/World Tour Tips

Say, you want to buy the entire beach, go to Cyprus first instead of going to Nice. We will have a higher chance to buy 1 or more beaches, or a chance to go on an adventure around the world and get rich unlimited!

Buy a low-end house in the first round

A savvy player will buy a level 1 house or just own the land because it will take a few turns for the opponent to have a chance to land on it. This saves money on more expensive assets that players have to keep in mind when deciding to buy.

Use money wisely

Don’t keep too much rail

If you don’t want to win in the railroad, you should only have 1, unless there’s a festival, which increases the rent. The reason gamers should have one is to prevent the opponent from gaining a monopoly on the railway, 400k for 50k tax for 2 squares is not worth it.

Time to upgrade assets

If you’re buying something that your opponent can’t buy, then upgrade it to 1 house level. This means that the opponent is forced to pay double what the player spends after paying the initial rent or block them from buying altogether.

If there is a festival on the square, gamers should buy the highest version that they can buy at all times, the return on investment of these squares is much higher than usual.

Conditions to win

  • Line exclusivity: if there are all assets on any side of the board, the player wins.
  • Three exclusives: win if there are 3 exclusive tiles anywhere on the board.
  • Exclusive resort: win if there are all 4 resorts on the chessboard.
  • Bankruptcy: All opponents have no money, the player automatically wins.
  • Bot: if the bot wins a game, it goes to the person with the second most money after the bot.
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