The guns to use in Project Zomboid

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In Project Zomboid, players can choose from a variety of weapons, from guns to axes, to what is considered a common everyday tool. With the goal of the game to survive as long as possible, everything is ready to be won. However, some weapons perform better than others and the same is true for the category of guns.

Project Zomboid has tons of weapons for players to choose from
Project Zomboid has tons of weapons for players to choose from

Sometimes guns are a better choice for survival in Project Zomboid. However, certain guns have much better attributes and offer significantly better benefits than others. Therefore, continue reading this article to know what is the best guns in Project Zomboid to help gamers survive as long as possible at the zombie apocalypse.

M625 . revolver

The M625 – M625 Revolver revolver, uses .45 ammo and like all revolvers, it has the benefit of not jamming. It has the ability to fire 6 shots with some benefits attached.

Although this revolver can deal more damage than other similar guns, its accuracy is a bit low. However, its aiming time is quite fast, allowing gamers to prepare quickly. For a pistol, it’s considerably louder than the alternatives.

M16 . Assault Rifle

Players who want to use the M16 – M16 Assault Rifle assault rifle, may find it easier to maintain control on a single shot rather than fully automatic. While trying to run through enemies with auto mode seems like a good idea, they will quickly realize that they are wasting more ammo.

This rifle uses 0.556 ammunition in a 30-round magazine, ammunition is contained in a 60-round box. The M16 assault rifle can penetrate zombies to take out two at once, providing a high killing effect.

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Pistol M1911

The M1911 – M1911 Pistol Pistol is a great addition to the arsenal for players who need a secondary weapon. This gun is average, balancing all factors, making it a good weapon.

The M1911 pistol uses .45 ammunition, which is quite common than the others. The gun has a 7-round magazine, the magazine comes with 30 rounds, allowing the player to reload 4 times.

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