TemTem: Creature hunting tips gamers need to know

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TemTem is an MMORPG that collects creatures, fights monsters. The player’s task is to explore the aerial archipelago alone or with friends, capture monsters and become the best tamer. Although inspired by other creature-collecting games like Pokemon, but TemTem still has its own interesting features, reaching a certain place in this genre with unique combat mechanics and monster designs.

If you are just starting your journey, let’s explore the tips for catching creatures and fighting monsters in TemTem, helping gamers get off to a good start and have a rich collection of creatures.

Choose the right starting character

Immediately after starting, the player will need to decide to choose 1 of 3 Temtem. This can be a difficult choice, especially if people are used to the grass, fire or water starter choices in Pokemon games.

In Temtem, gamers will have a choice between Crystlegeneration Crystal, Smazeegeneration Melee and Houchicgeneration Mental. The most important factor to consider when deciding on a starting character is which one the player likes best. The design of each starter can appeal to different players in different ways, and there’s no wrong choice.

Based on the absolute advantage of type, Houchic would be the strongest choice on the first island, as the Mental system is strong against all kinds Neutral and Meleeboth of which are found in abundance on Deniz. Crystle and Smazee equal in advantage, as neither of them learn moves that have a clear advantage of type against the Temtem found on the first island.

Complete side quests to get items

As you explore each island, you will encounter other Tamers and characters who need help. If they talk, they will request assistance, usually by collecting an item, showing a Temtem, or looking for another NPC.

Completing these tasks is usually straightforward and provides some important resources. Some quests reward Pansuns, the incredibly valuable in-game currency. Other quests reward useful items or equipment used by Temtems to gain certain advantages in battle.

While running around exploring the islands and doing main and side quests, remember to look everywhere. You can find it almost anywhere, so grab your inner hoard and pick up anything that doesn’t break.

Play co-op mode

Temtem is an MMO, and although this aspect is not as popular as other MMOs, there is still a lot of interaction that should be done. For example, the entire game can be played in co-op with a friend so you can encounter and tame wild Temtems together, battle other Tamers, or complete side quests together. together.

In co-op mode, each player will control a group of 3 Temtem, and need to coordinate with his teammates in battles. In addition, side quests and main storyline, challenging dojo and Tamer battles can be tackled together. If you’re having a hard time with a particular fight, invite a friend or a random player to help you out.

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