Team management tactics in Football Manager 2023

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Football Manager 2023 is SEGA’s super football management game, with a whole new sports experience for fiery matches, where gamers can unleash their style and ability.

Players, in the role of coach of the team will lead their team to the top of glory, becoming the champion of every tournament. To do this is not easy, so the following team management tactics in Football Manager 2023 will make the path to victory easier for gamers.

Team management tactics in Football Manager 2023

Avoid building overly complicated tactics

When it first kicks off in Football Manager 2023, many will be overwhelmed by the number of tactical options on offer. As a result, some newbies will make the mistake of choosing specific instructions in every available category, assuming this is essential.

Applying available tactics can inhibit the creativity of players
Applying available tactics can inhibit the creativity of players

However, choosing specific strategies from every team and individual category is not only unnecessary, but can also significantly harm a team’s style of play. Overloading tactical instructions to players can significantly damage their creativity, make them too rigid and unpredictable in attacking situations, and limit their ability to play. adapt to the opponent.

Research your team and opponents

Before the start of the season, it is essential to do thorough research. First, take a moment to get to know your team and its opponents. Know your strengths and weaknesses and plan your strategy accordingly. The more people know about their opponents, the better equipped they are to defeat them.

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Do not let players work too hard

Pay attention to the player's fitness to avoid injury due to overwork
Pay attention to the player’s fitness to avoid injury due to overwork

Managing each player’s workload in Football Manager 2023 is paramount. This part is often overlooked by new managers because they are so focused on trying to win early games, asking key players to do too much.

Therefore, to avoid crisis and injury, players should continuously monitor the fitness level of the players, ensure proper time management, and adjust the schedule and intensity of training. .

Set realistic goals

Setting realistic goals for your team at the start of the season is important. If you aim too high, you are only setting yourself up for disappointment. However, if you set achievable goals and plans, players will be more motivated to execute. Work with the team to develop a realistic plan for the season and make sure everyone agrees on it.

Adjust setup procedures

The setup processes are one of the many important features in Football Manager 22 that new coaches will overlook the first time they play, as it is hidden behind many of the game’s tabs.

Players need to innovate their settings so that the opponent doesn't realize their strategy
Players need to innovate their settings so that the opponent doesn’t realize their strategy

While everything will start with a set of default setup procedures, players should still adjust to match the strengths and weaknesses of each player on the team.

Furthermore, the manager should not put the process simply and forget it, as rival teams will soon realize this club is using the same set-up process in every game.

Prepare your team

Make sure the team is ready for the rigors of the season by practicing in advance. It will help players avoid injuries and stay in shape throughout the season. It’s also a good opportunity to practice morale and team cohesion, which can come in handy when things get tough during the off-season.

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Specify the employee’s role

Players have the right to assign staff in charge of various professional matters
Players have the right to assign staff in charge of various professional matters

One of the first things new managers should do is assign roles to employees. Football Manager 22 allows players to delegate multiple tasks to their staff, helping them understand the core mechanics of the game before moving on to more complex features.

Coaching, press conferences, contract renewals, and even some tactical decisions can be delegated to the manager’s coaching staff. Before doing anything else, the manager should go to the tab Staff to know exactly what needs to be done and what employees will be in charge of.

Attention to Dynamics

Tab Dynamics provides insights into the morale, hierarchy and social groups of first-team players. This is easily overlooked by the team manager. However, it can be what makes and breaks a player’s career at the club. A group of players who are not satisfied with something will begin to show their displeasure on the field, and can lead to a manager being fired.

Before making any important decisions regarding players, managers should take a close look at their Dynamics tab, especially in the hierarchical section. Disagreements between members and the captain can cause disaster.

Manage your finances wisely

One of the most important aspects of Football Manager is managing finances wisely. Track your budget and don’t overspend on players or wages. It is also necessary to generate income through ticket sales and sponsorship deals. Be smart with your money so the club doesn’t fall into a financial crisis.

Keeping promises to the players

Following the above, the manager has another thing to pay attention to so as not to change the player’s mood. A player will immediately drop if he breaks a promise.

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During a season, players will come to the manager asking for various things, such as playing time, transfers, salary increases, etc. If the manager makes a promise, it is necessary to must keep that promise.

This may seem obvious, but in some sports games, like the FIFA series, if management doesn’t keep their word, disaster will happen. Breaking a promise with a player can often lead to a broken level of trust between the manager and the team as a whole.

Be tactically flexible

A common mistake beginner managers will make in Football Manager 22 is entering the game with a predefined strategy and style of play, without deciding which team to choose. .

This gameplay will cause gamers problems when managers are planning or managing a lower-class club that they are not familiar with. Chances are that that tactic will not work for the new team and lead to a loss, as the right strategy is essential to win every game.

While it’s a good idea to adopt a familiar style of play, that tactic should work with the available players. Otherwise, the manager could be fired before the plan has a chance to materialize.

Pay attention to Board’s Vision

Another common mistake beginners make is skipping Board’s Vision (or the vision of the board of directors). The board of directors will make their vision very clear when a manager starts a new job, even though many players don’t realize its real impact.

For example, a coach can have a lot of success playing a solid defensive style. However, if the board demands an offensive play to satisfy the fans, then the manager can be fired, despite the successes already achieved.

Enjoy the game

Remember that Football Manager is a game, so try to enjoy it. Stay calm and don’t pressure yourself to win every game or hit unrealistic goals. Instead, take a moment to cherish those gaming moments and watch your team grow throughout the season. If they can do that, players will be guaranteed a successful season.

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