Tactical diagrams should be used in Football Manager 2023

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Football Manager 2023 is a game for all football fans who want to experience the real management of a football team. The trickiest thing about this game is to get the best out of the players’ potential. Players can have all the best players, but without the right tactics and formations to maximize them, the result is still defeat.

To help new players and provide some helpful recommendations for seasoned gamers, let’s explore Football Manager 2023’s best squads and tactics.

Tactics to choose from in Football Manager 2023

Midfield Beef 4-3-3

Midfield Beef 4-3-3 is a fairly simple tactical scheme for new players to apply, with 3 midfielders that will help dominate the midfield.

The BWM helps break things down while the AP provides creativity and the BBM works the legs efficiently. All of these players work together very well to bring something different to the team.

With this custom strategy, players are required to force players to the middle, then put them in the middle of a group of players, which improves the ability to make quick changes and breakthroughs.

Get yourself some nimble wingers to complement this squad and watch your scoring chances increase.


Carloball is a tactic close to what the legendary Carlo Ancelotti used to do when he was in England and it works quite effectively.

Requiring a lot of discipline (so make sure there are a few players with good mental attributes), Carloball is a formation that takes down opponents by passing and gradually getting the ball into the box.

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AP is extremely important to this strategy, as it is the source of most creativity. This squad would be really suitable if it could take down a James-esque player.

Carloball can be easily adjusted if a more passive play is required, in order to annoy the opponent. If Carlo can fit in with Everton playing this way, surely anyone can try.


5-2-3 with a trio of forwards causing constant chaos in the backline, while the full-backs were so advanced that they functioned as wingers. Meanwhile, the midfield is a bit stronger thanks to the libero and those WCBs fill in the gaps left by the WB.

It’s a very tough formation and strategy where it’s possible to concede a goal, but as long as the player scores more goals than the opponent, which is almost certain to be the case, then move on. The final victory is purely a predictable outcome.

4-4-2 Pie and Mash

Although modern football makes people feel like it’s a science, it really doesn’t have to be. Sometimes the classic strategies still work well and that’s true for 4-4-2. This is a super simple tactic that eliminates all that gets in the way of a series of kicks.

Players in the lower leagues often think they can become Vanarama’s Pep, blowing away opponents with their skill and tactics. Without top-notch players like Kevin De Bruyne, people will not be able to reach their full potential with super complex tactics with high intensity.

4-4-2 aims to eliminate all small risk with a strategy that only works in the lower leagues. The player receives the ball, the ball goes high and scores a goal. Classic tactics that have worked well in history will never go out of style in football.

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Players need to earn themselves a forward target, a quick side striker to run away from the opponent’s encirclement and will absolutely win every game from League One down.

4-2-3-1 Klopp

Gegenpressing is a well-known tactic applied by Jurgen Klopp to the teams he manages, such as Dortmund and Liverpool. This tactic has been extremely strong with the 4-2-3-1 formation in Football Manager for a long time and it is still very effective this year.

Although it makes the basic mistake of having two basic playmakers, the difference in each role makes it still meaningful and functional. This formation is good in terms of pressing and intensity.

If you want an all-player team, this 4-2-3-1 strategy and formation is simply hard to beat in Football Manager 2023, but probably won’t work as well in the sequel to Football Manager 2023. this game title.

4-3-3 Spalletti

The 4-3-3 Spalletti is the main alternative to the 4-2-3-1 formation in Football Manager, although its formation and tactics feature a deeper midfield than the previous Midfield Beef tactic. .

Based on Napoli’s Spalletti, this is an offensive tactic that will help gamers score a ton of goals, which of course also means that the defense will be a bit more vulnerable at the back.

The 4-3-3 Spalletti structure works well in most tournaments in this soccer game, although a gamer may place less expectations on some of his or her players if they are competing in different tournaments. lower league.

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