Weapon and Skill Evolution Guide

Rate this post is a hot fast-paced action survival arcade game that requires players to escape from zombies. To do this task requires gamers to fully load weapons and skills to be able to survive each challenging level.

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Players not only have a variety of weapons and skills, but each has its own set of evolutions. These play a very important role to win the battle, it requires gamers to also know the right combination of weapons and skills to get powerful evolution.

Evolving weapons and skills is important to make the character stronger and defeat the zombies in
Evolving weapons and skills is important to make the character stronger and defeat the zombies in

This article will provide a complete guide, a list of weapons and skills and their evolution, stats and their strengths compared to the original skill in

The Weapons Evolve in

Original Weapon Request Weapon Evolution
Baseball Bat Fitness Guide Lucille
Katana Ronin Oyoroi Demon Blade
Kunai Koga Spirit Scroll Ninja Shuriken
Shotgun Hi Power Bullet Gatling Gun
Revolver Hi Power Bullet Reaper
Lightchaser Ronin Oyoroi Eternal Light
  • Baseball Bat: Requires Fitness Guide and evolves into Lucille.
  • Katana: Requires Ronin Oyoroi to evolve into Demon Blade.
  • Kunai: Requires Koga Spirit Scroll to evolve into Ninja Shuriken.
  • Shotgun: Requires Hi Power Bullet to evolve into Gatling Gun.
  • Revolver: Requires Hi Power Bullet to evolve into Reaper.
  • Lightchaser: Ask Ronin Oyoroi to evolve into Eternal Light.
Weapon evolution in requires corresponding item
Weapon evolution in requires corresponding item

The skills evolve in

Football/Soccer Ball: develop to Quantum Ball. The attack method is very similar to Soccer Ball, except it has more hits and deals more damage. Players need Sports Shoes/Sneakers to evolve.

Brick: request Fitness Guide to evolve into Dumbbellfires in a circle of 8 bullets at a time and deals significant damage.

Type-A Drone and Type-B Drone: Develop to Destroyer, can fire a large number of missiles in many directions. They don’t require green skills but need own both types to evolve.

RPG: Need HE Fuel to unlock skill evolution Sharkmaw Gun. Sharkmaw Gun works similar to RPG, but with a wider range of effects and a different look. Plus, the missile deals a massive amount of damage, making it especially effective against bosses.

Evolving skills to make characters stronger
Evolving skills to make characters stronger

Forcefield: Need skill Energy Drink to develop it into Pressure Forcefielda version that deals more damage.

Guardian: Request Exo-Bracer to evolve into Defender. Defender is simply a color swapped version of the Guardian, with larger blades and more damage. However, it also has the bonus of stopping bullets.

Lightning Emitter: Request Energy Cube to grow into Supercell. Supercell deals more damage and has a larger area of ​​effect. Due to its considerable amount of damage and auto-targeting, Supercell is considered particularly effective against bosses.

Durian: Durian requested HE Fuel to evolve into Caltrop. Caltrop bounces diagonally around the screen in a similar way to Durian, but it also continuously fires some less powerful rockets in a circular motion.

Laser Launcher: Laser Launcher request Energy Cube to grow into Death Ray. This ray shoots outward in a circular, spiraling motion from the character and it deals much more damage than the original weapon.

Molotov Cocktails: Request Oil Bonds to grow into Fuel Barreldeals more damage and has a larger area of ​​effect than the original Molotov.

Drill Shot: Evolve into Whistling Arrow. To perform this evolution, the player needs Ammo Thruster. Whistling Arrow points outward to give the character time and cause anything in its path to take heavy damage.

Boomerang: Request High Power Magnet to grow into Overreaction Dartshoots outward in a spiral, dealing damage to a wide range of enemies.

Standard evolution

From the main menu of the game there is an evolution guide, which contains various evolutions that gamers can buy with gold to increase their stats. These stat boosts appear regardless of what device the player uses, making them extremely important.

Players can purchase regular evolutions with gold or special evolutions with DNA Gold. Specifically, the standard evolutions in are as follows:

Strength: Increase the character’s attack power after each purchase. The amount of additional attack power the character receives will increase with each level of experience the player gains.

Stamina: Increase the number of hit points with the amount that will increase with each level of experience that the player receives, and the cost to buy will also increase.

Tenacity: Increases the level of protection for the character, allowing the player to take less damage after each hit.

Restoration: Increases the amount of hit points received, , increases the percentage of health that the player receives.

These are the 4 standard evolutions that can be purchased with gold. These evolutions will continue to iterate once for every experience level the player gains, until level 80. These evolutions require the player to use a lot but what they offer. totally worth it.

Evolve special skills

These are particularly important evolutions, which can be purchased with DNA Gold and have a wider variety of benefits offered with them. These are not lacking to give an advantage in particularly difficult battles.

Skill Effect
Lucky Dog Get 1 skill for free at the start of the battle without having to pick up any stones.
Rogue Reselecting 1 skill for each battle, right before the boss battle, allows you to remove 1 skill you don’t like and replace it with a more proficient skill.
Athlete Permanently increases base movement speed by one.
Meat Lover Increases the amount of health gained when eating a piece of meat.
Seeker Causes a piece of equipment to drop whenever you defeat a boss.
Owl Increased visibility on stages where there is darkness, especially in third wave battle stages.
Devourer Causes bosses to drop meat after defeating them, helping to recover from a tough battle.
Zealot When taking deadly damage, there will be 2 seconds of invincibility. Especially useful for times when defeating the boss is only for a moment.
Greedy When defeated, the monster will drop gold. This can apply to all monsters, but especially bosses.
Blessed When leveling up in battle, heal 20%.
Researcher Drop an item that helps upgrade equipment.
Expose Weakness Causes hits to greatly increase critical hit rate.
Divine Strike Chance to deal 10X damage on hit.
Watchmaker Increases base stats of all equipment by 5%.
Fusion Effect Increases the size of all projectiles by 5%.
Quantum Accel Increases the speed of all projectiles by 5%
Viva la Materia Increases damage dealt by 5% per skill
Overreaction Skill cooldown reduced by 5%.

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