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Rate this post is a roguelike mobile game that puts players on a map filled with crowds of enemies. The player’s task is to successfully survive and destroy the opponent. Because it is a roguelike game, survival in this game is really difficult.

Not only that, also has Mega Challenge challenges, the most complex tasks, even for veteran gamers. Therefore, this article will provide some tips and strategies to overcome the Mega Challenge in These tips can be useful even in the late game.

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Strategy development

Each Mega Challenge will include specific bosses and enemies. Players need to find out what kind of enemies they will encounter if they want to complete the Mega Challenges. If the boss uses a ranged weapon, try to be careful and stay out of his attack range. If the boss’s strong side is melee, choose a ranged weapon that can deal damage.

Weapon evolution

Mega Challenges requires players to have both skills and evolved weapons that can deal massive damage. Although evolving all weapons in is not possible, some weapons like the Kunai or A Type Drone should be evolved early in the game.

Choose the right skill

Some skills in are much stronger than others. If you want to beat the Mega Challenges, choose skills that will give your character significant benefits. The list below will cover the best skills in

  • HE Fuel
  • Energy Cube
  • Hi-Power Bullet
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Players need to remember to always play calmly and carefully to pass the Mega Challenge. Keep a distance from the zombies so that they cannot approach and accidentally kill you. Moreover, adjust the speed and strategy according to each stage of the game.

With these tips and strategies, players can improve their odds of successfully passing the Mega Challenge in These are the hardest challenges in the game, even if you are a veteran player with a lot of experience, so just make sure to fight hard, follow the tips from the guide above and they will help everyone. who complete the Mega Challenge more easily.

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