Survival tips to know when playing Left 4 Dead 2

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Left 4 Dead 2 is an action horror game that has been released for a long time but still retains a large number of players. Joining the game, gamers and teammates will go through 14 campaigns in a modern civilization but ravaged by a zombie virus.

As the player struggles to find safety, the player will be hunted by thousands of “Infected” that fiercely attack the Survivors in sight. To make matters worse, some Infected transform into even more bizarre and dangerous forms, possessing new ways to incapacitate players and slaughter them.

Horror action game Left 4 Dead 2
Horror action game Left 4 Dead 2

With so many malicious marauders aiming to kill, it’s imperative that Survivor knows what he should do to keep both his teammates and himself alive. In this article, let’s learn the survival tips to know when playing Left 4 Dead 2 to overcome the dangers lurking in the game world.

Survival tips to know when playing Left 4 Dead 2

Know your weapon well

Left 4 Dead 2 has more than 20 weapons for players to use, and if you want to survive, understanding their mechanics is essential.

Large numbers can make players feel difficult to master, but some of the weapons have similarities. For example, Pump Action Shotgun is more or less similar to Chrome Shotgun, as well as SPAZ-12 and Auto. Dividing weapons into smaller categories can help players quickly find weapons worth using.

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Not too dependent on one weapon

Even if you understand the mechanics of the weapons, the player should not be too dependent on them. Although Pump Action is a great weapon, it is completely possible to give it up to switch to another better gun.

Frequent weapon changes are almost a must, as even small upgrades can make a big difference when it comes to overnight survival.

Dual pistols are great backup weapons with a high rate of fire, but players should replace them with a magnum as soon as possible as it can serve better in the long run. People won’t reach the end goal if they’re just using low-level weapons.

Stick with teammates

Left 4 Dead 2 is a real co-op game. Even when running with 3 companion AIs, players need to stick with them. Left 4 Dead 2 is a ruthless game, and if detached, it sends enemies in and kills the player instantly.

Every member of the team is part of the whole, and if one fails to follow, the whole team suffers. Running away, getting lost, or just being a little flustered, will quickly lead to things going awry. Even more so when venturing through difficulties or confronting real-life gamers.

Beware of Crescendo

Few things can stop a team in the fray like Left 4 Dead 2’s legendary Crescendo system. A faint musical cue will play and then large numbers of undead will flood the area. These are intense, exciting and bloody matches, and gamers need to be mentally prepared for them at all times. Some levels have more zombies, but every time they ramp up, it’s better to get ready for the kill or retreat as quickly as possible.

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Crescendo not only sends basic waves of enemies, but also Special Infected types. All of them make struggling to survive the seemingly endless horde of undead even more difficult. So, always stand shoulder to shoulder with your teammates and carry powerful weapons.

Take advantage of the push mechanism

In the Survivor role, the shoving mechanism is of prime importance to both the party’s and the player’s own survivability. By right-clicking, the player will perform a quick spin to repel common infected objects.

This is incredibly useful when the team is surrounded by a bunch of infected people. Be aware, however, that this push cannot be used indefinitely. After a few shoves, Survivor will get tired and need a short cooldown before performing again.

This action also applies to some Special Infected. For example, if a player witnesses a teammate being attacked by a Hunter, Smoker, or Jockey, a push will separate the two.

Players should also push Boomer before shooting it, because killing it at too close range will cause its contents to splatter all over the character, attracting more infected people. Therefore, pushing it to a safe distance and then killing will ensure less chaos.

Burn Tank

Tank is the fake boss of Left 4 Dead 2, and facing it unprepared could lead to a failed campaign. Thankfully, the Tank isn’t invincible and has some obvious weaknesses to destroy it.

First, Tanks are extremely flammable. Even its huge health will quickly deplete, so that should be a priority when fighting. The easiest way to do this is to throw the Molotov or shoot it with a detonation projectile. The player can also shoot nearby gas cans to achieve the same effect.

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Another tip to keep in mind is that Tanks take 15% less damage on handguns, so it’s best for Survivors to use assault rifles as high-speed bullets will go through it.

Avoid shooting teammates

Left 4 Dead 2 is one of the few games where we always shoot our troops. The damage done to other players depends on the difficulty, but in general it’s bad to shoot teammates. For higher difficulty levels, it is important for the player to accurately aim his target. For example, on Expert difficulty, weapons deal 50% of their full damage to allies.

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