Survival tips in

Rate this post is a fast-paced arcade action survival game that requires players to survive hordes of aggressive zombies for as long as possible. To do this, gamers will need a lot of equipment, skills and weapons.

It’s basically a zombie survival game where the player can control the character with just one finger. There are many types of zombies for players to fight with counter and passive skills.

Action survival game
Action survival game

Besides, there are also many different types of attack skills such as rocket, RPG, Molotov, drone, etc. People can choose up to 6 active attack skills at the same time. Each game round will have a timer that records how long the player survives in real time.

In this beginner’s guide, learn’s basic tips to help new players get off to a good start.

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Survival tips in

Use more powerful equipment

Players who want to survive for a long time need to try to use better quality equipment such as legendary belts, vests, gloves,… It helps a lot to cope with the rushing attacks. of the zombies. Players can merge duplicate devices to enhance their abilities, making them more powerful and efficient.

Dodge the zombies

Players should note that absolutely do not get too close to the zombies. When the player’s character is surrounded by zombies, an effective method of dodging is to try to go in only one direction. This strategy helps a lot for defense. Absolutely do not turn suddenly 180° because the possibility of encountering zombies is very high.

Selection of high damage skills

Always using melee weapons in is not a great idea. Players should try to use Guardians, RPGs and drones. These skills will deal the most damage.

Choose your skills wisely

Players should choose attack skills according to the synergy of that skill. Maintaining synergy makes evolution faster. This also works quickly while defeating the zombies.

Collect items along the way

In the game screen, there will be mainly 5 types of items that will drop, including EXP, coins, HP potions, magnets and bombs. Sometimes players can even get chests with free upgrades. These items play the following roles:

EXP allowing gamers to get more upgrades. Make sure to collect as much as you can, as that will help you reach your goal and eventually pass each level.

When falling into a situation of low health, there is nothing better than gaining HP potion, a perfect lifesaver. That amount of HP can turn the battle in the player’s favor, so try to memorize the locations and pick them up when the HP bar drops.

Coin It’s not a factor that creates amazing things in the game, but people will need to have as much as possible to upgrade their equipment. So try to open the cardboard boxes and get as many coins as you can.

Magnet will suck all the items that appear on the current screen. When picking up a magnet, there will be a delay, use this moment to reposition your character. This will help players get a lot of items extremely quickly and easily.

Basically, bomb Eliminate all opponents currently visible on the screen. If there are not many enemies on the screen at once but there is a bomb around, you can try to lure them towards you and then pick it up. It would be a waste to only use one bomb on a handful of zombies.

Chest are a great support, and players need to grab them every chance they get. It can offer 1 free upgrade, even 3 if lucky enough. Whenever such a chest is available, a pointer will appear on the screen leading everyone to its location.

Merge equipment for more powerful weapons

In case you don’t know what to do with the gray items received from the boxes, the solution is to merge them. Three pieces of the same equipment can be merged into a higher level, so keep all the obtained pieces and use them when the required number is sufficient.

All you need to do is click on the item you want to upgrade, press Upgrade and a menu will automatically open where you can see how many pieces of said device you own.

To have full purple equipment will take some time with the following order: Grey (normal) > Green (good) > Blue (better) > Violet (excellent) > Yellow (epic) > Red (legend).

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