Survival tips in Resident Evil 4 Remake

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Resident Evil 4 Remake brings the experience to a whole new level of horror, completely overhauled from the GameCube original. This new game will combine both the content of the 2004 version with various new mechanics from RE 8, along with various quality of life and increased difficulty updates.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is expected to be one of the best games released this year
Resident Evil 4 Remake is expected to be one of the best games released this year

In this article, let’s explore the tips and tricks you need to know to get off to a good start, survive and get through Resident Evil 4 Remake more easily.

Survival tips in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Try to save ammo

Resident Evil 4 Remake has the same survival horror gameplay as previous RE remakes. The game’s design emphasizes resource management, so players need to pay attention to their ammunition reserves, as depletion can lead to death.

Save ammo and only use powerful weapons like shotguns and rocket launchers on strong enemies, and use basic weapons like pistols for other encounters. Players can refer to the ammo saving tips in Resident Evil 4 Remake to learn more effective methods.

In general, gamers should disable enemies first by shooting them in the foot with a pistol, then quickly move to perform a melee attack. However, it is important to exercise caution and only try this strategy when feasible, as enemies can appear out of nowhere in large numbers and easily overpower Leon. In addition, players can also use knives to block enemy attacks.

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Approach the game strategically

Instead of shooting every time a zombie appears, use a slow and deliberate approach because in Resident Evil 4 Remake, players will have to face many dangerous creatures ranging from villagers slow to the fearsome Regenerators.

Leon possesses several new abilities that he can use to his advantage. For example, Leon can now crouch with a dedicated button, allowing him to stealthily take out isolated enemies. In addition, it is important to always monitor the positions of both Leon and the opponent in combat situations.

During battle, enemies tend to grab the protagonist more often. To combat this, tnur should quickly move out of the danger zone and strike back while the enemy is disoriented.

Moreover, players can use decoy tactics by luring the enemy to move towards the traps that have been arranged. In some cases, it is even possible to turn them against each other, such as when the Chainsaw Man is threatening to use his powerful attacks.

Explore every nook and cranny

To successfully overcome the trials and tribulations in Resident Evil 4 Remake, players will need all the help they can get. Since the game is a solo experience, Leon’s success depends solely on his collection of weapons and items.

Various weapons and optional quests can be discovered naturally throughout the game, which requires meticulous searching of each area.

In addition to crafting resources, gamers can also encounter valuable items, such as money and treasure. This money can be used to buy various items and upgrades, while the treasure can be sold for a larger amount of cash.

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It’s important to note that treasures can be stacked, so players should only sell them when they have the necessary ingredients. All these transactions can be done in-store.

Manual control of Ashley based on the situation

Throughout Resident Evil 4 Remake, players will encounter many different segments, requiring the support of Ashley Graham, who is controlled by the AI. In many ways, she has been updated and improved, such as the removal of the health bar, meaning that players don’t need to waste herbs on her.

Ashley can be controlled to stay close to Leon or keep her distance. Her movement can cause problems if enemies try to kidnap or attack her as she is defenseless.

The player must always ensure Ashley’s safety as she can be knocked down and needs respawn. A white icon in the lower right corner of the screen provides information about Ashley’s condition.

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