Survival tips in horror game The Forest

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Joining The Forest, players will play the role of the last surviving member of a plane crash, looking for ways to survive. Such a confusing and dangerous situation can cause confusion and panic, especially for beginners.

But in such situations, panic is the shortest path to defeat. Also knowing what to do on the first day is pretty much the key to overcoming any challenge. Therefore, let’s learn the important survival tips to know when playing The Forest, helping players navigate and fight hordes of monstrous enemies.

Survival tips in horror game The Forest

Mark the problem area

The first thing players should do is leave the crash site as soon as possible. In a few minutes, it was highly likely to be invaded by cannibal mutants. Everyone just needs to remember to create a marker so they can return to it later.

This requires a Stick Marker, accessible through the crafting menu and requires 2 sticks, 2 stones, and 1 cloth (which can be found in the suitcase) to craft. All these materials are easy to find, appearing around the accident site.

Follow the morning sun

After collecting anything that can be useful from the luggage and the wreckage, the player needs to follow the morning sunlight. This can lead to a fertile place filled with fruit, accessible water, and resources to exploit.

This tip only works in the morning, when the sun is in the east, as the east is rich in good resources, making it a prime location for base building. The location that the player needs to find is a cliff near the river.

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Use a spear to hunt

After getting a good location to build at least one bed, the player needs to find food. Hunting is the most reliable source of food here and a spear is perfect for the job. The spear can be easily crafted with 2 sticks.

After that, hunting animals like rabbits, lizards or deer will become a lot easier. Players will need more cloth and bones if they want a stronger spear, but the basic spear is enough for hunting.

Dry the meat instead of cooking it

After hunting and accumulating a quantity of meat, the player should divide the rations reasonably. Consume just enough to overcome hunger and dry the rest.

Dried meat will keep longer than cooked meat, moreover it can be eaten straight away without any problems. So, in the long run, players should build a drying rack with 5 sticks.

Remember that mutants can rob the dried meat or even destroy the drying rack, causing all the dried meat to disappear. So plan to build a high wall around it to protect the hard-earned meat.

Not all berries or mushrooms are edible

Besides meat, berries or other fruits are also excellent sources of nutrition and even water. This 2-in-1 effect makes the berries quite valuable and they appear in abundance in the eastern parts of the island. But players should not rush to gobble these berries because one of them may contain toxins.

Absolutely do not consume Snowberry Bush (white) and Twinberry Bush (dark green with orange leaves) to avoid being poisoned. Basically, the only ones that are safe to eat are blueberry and raspberry. Any fruit that looks odd is poisonous.

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For mushrooms, the distinction will be a bit difficult, these 2 mushrooms will give more than one LBM: Mushroom Jack (the yellow one has a round mushroom cap, different from the other yellow one that has a flower cap) and Amanita mushrooms (red with small white dots).

Prioritize crafting Log Sled

Players will need to plan early on day one and over the next few days they will have to build a stronger wall or other structures. Chopping down trees for wood and pulling them by the shoulder is easily one of the most energy-intensive activities in the game. That’s why Log Sled has to be created from day one.

The Log Sled is a versatile wooden, movable storage tool that costs 21 Sticks. Gamers can move this sled around to collect things, without having to transport them one by one.

One trick when using the Log Sled is to place it where the trunk will fall so that some of the logs will fall right into the sled. Log Sled can also be matched with rocks and other crafting materials, saving the player from having to carry heavy loads.

Don’t eat before sleeping

At the end of the day, the player character may not be full, as gathering and hunting causes too much fatigue. Some players may want to eat before going to bed, but this often wastes food.

While the game still consumes, draining both satiety and thirst during sleep, it only does so up to a certain threshold (so the character doesn’t wake up on the brink of death). That means there is nothing to worry about if the player character is not full or thirsty before going to bed. Just have a quick snack of something in the morning, preferably berries.

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Cannibals don’t always attack

There are some unfortunate situations or cases where the player encounters cannibals while exploring around, collecting materials on the first day. Sometimes, they even appear near the base at night.

Although the initial instinct of these predators is to attack defiantly, however, players should also stay calm and observe what their next move is. This is because some of these cannibals are just curious. From day one, they don’t always attack as soon as they see people, especially if encountered outside of their camp or base.

Predators happen to reach the base but don’t attack as they may be scouting, but that’s less likely to happen at night, unless the player is outdoors or putting out any bonfires. any.

Avoid action at night

The night in The Forest is pitch black and realistic enough that light cannot penetrate like in remote mountainous areas when the sun goes down. Exploration is nearly impossible and lighting a torch will only attract mutants or cannibals. In addition, it is easy for players to get lost because there are no visual signs and landmarks.

There is too much trouble to explore at night, so players should let their characters sleep only during that time. It’s not worth trying to maximize energy and go out at night. Besides, sleeping is a good way to activate the revival of trees, plants and animals.

Neutralize damage to buildings

Building structures and walls but mutants or cannibals coming to destroy them in a skirmish is one of the most grueling struggles when playing The Forest. Thankfully, players can choose to preserve their carefully constructed little fortresses. There is an option in the game menu to disable building damage.

By enabling this feature, only the player can dismantle his buildings. Such a setting is recommended for beginners to make resource management easier. Please note that tree houses or fortresses can still be destroyed if the tree that built them is cut down or destroyed.

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