Survival tips in Cuphead

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For lovers of the Disney art style of the 1930s, Cuphead is definitely a game not to be missed. This fast-paced shooting game focuses on hitting enemies invading the screen, along with transforming bosses.

Cuphead is really a big challenge for beginners because of its high intensity and difficulty. If you’re also having trouble getting into this game, let’s explore the survival tips in Cuphead to get a fresh start.

Survival tips in Cuphead

Change control

Play Cuphead yourself and explore the controls/keys your own way, depending on the platform you’re playing on as they’re all different. The default controls may not be suitable for everyone, so be sure to play the game and check out the different keybinding/controller buttons players can set to maximize comfort. roof, in order to perform the acquired skills easily.

Try every weapon and power

In Cuphead, the character can carry 2 weapons at the same time, a weapon called Charm and the other is a special power named Super Art. Weapons range from short-range to long-range, high-damage missiles.

Buff has the ability to grant more hearts, while reducing damage dealt or adding attacks to successfully parry. Try out different weapons, see what works for you, and improvise. Some bosses require bullet-throwing weapons while others benefit from the player’s auto-heal. So keep buying and trying out all the weapons and skills to find the one that’s right for you.

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Use support buffs

Every time a weapon is purchased, the shop owner will replace it with another new weapon. At the beginning of the game, one of the additions is a buff that prevents Cuphead from taking damage when dashing, which is a huge boon and in one stage this will make Cuphead look as if he’s teleporting from point to point. difference.

It’s an amazing power that allows the player to dodge larger enemies and countless rounds of bullets flooding the screen. Players will not be able to progress without this buff.

Quickly master skills

Players need to quickly master the moves and moves in the tutorial because they will help overcome difficulties in a great way. One of the first and most interesting bosses players encounter in the world is the frog. Even at the beginning of the game it is still challenging because it will split. Everyone has to parry it to perform a random attack.

From a gameplay perspective, it really helps people master a lot of the skills required for successful gaming. Gamers must time their jumps with many different mechanisms to overcome challenging levels.

Parry plays an important role

For a boss from the third world, gamers really need to be able to master parry. Besides jumping and shooting, parry is the most important move to master. So anything pink in the game can do a parry. For example, touch the jump while in the air and it will disable the object; it adds to the super bar and takes the character higher.

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Effective teamwork

In co-op, players have the ability to equip themselves with different weapons, super or charms before entering each level or boss fight. So when playing co-op, it’s a bit more challenging in that the members tend to fight on top of each other. It looks like a hell of bullets firing continuously and gamers have no idea where they are.

To resolve this situation, members should discuss with each other to avoid equipping the same weapon. In addition, the choice of a variety of offensive weapons also brings higher efficiency to destroy the enemy.

Don’t try to destroy every enemy

When playing stages with flat paths, one of the things gamers need to keep in mind is that the enemies will appear infinitely, so don’t worry trying to eliminate them all. While clearing the way and looking behind to avoid being attacked is still the thing to do, keep running and stop worrying about having to take down every enemy.

Use charms wisely

Strategically equip charms for each match to complement your playstyle. If you want to attack, equip a coffee charm to increase the power. If you want to focus on defense, equip a heart charm to increase the hit point by one. Each charm has its own effect so learn to make the most of it.

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