Summary of FIFA Online 4 shortcuts

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The FIFA Online 4 game shortcuts will help gamers easily get used to the fastest way to play FO4. FIFA Online 4 is currently the most played football game in Vietnam, after FIFA Online 3, FIFA Online 4 is the name officially released by Garena Vietnam with many attractive incentives.

Through the list FIFA Online 4 shortcut keys The following is definitely essential that gamers need to keep in mind when starting to play the game. We have divided the FIFA Online 4 shortcuts into specific functions, so gamers will not take too long to get used to. Most of these shortcuts are taken from FO3 to FO4, so they are still quite familiar.

Function shortcuts in FO4

  • Alt + Enter: Switch the game screen from windowed mode to full screen mode and vice versa.
  • ESC: Pause, pause the game.
  • Press and hold Tab: View current ping.
  • Word number keys 1 arrive 10: Team strategy (defensive tight, Pressing, counter-attack…).
  • Keys ), (: Increase or decrease the team’s attack or defense.

Shortcut to control goalkeeper in FIFA Online 4

  • W (when there is no ball): Rush.
  • W (when there is a ball): Drop the ball.
  • A, D: Long pass, high and strong serve.
  • S: Short, light pass.
  • Z + S: Throw the ball low.
  • Press and hold S: Throw the ball away.

Shortcuts to control players in FO4

  • Z: Get the ball.
  • Z + A: Navigate when shooting the ball.
  • E: Push up the formation to put pressure.
  • A: Long pass, cross, header, long throw-in.
  • D: Shot, volley, header, shot, close throw.

Attack Shortcut

  • ←↑↓→: Move the player.
  • Ctrl + ←↑↓→: One-touch catch or long push.
  • Q + ←↑↓→: Stop the ball and look at the target.
  • E + ←↑↓→: Accelerate, run fast.
  • E + any arrow key opposite the direction of movement: Stop the ball suddenly.
  • C + ←↑↓→: Keep the ball, control the ball in the foot.
  • Shift + ←↑↓→: Perform the technique of evading people, turning the ball.
  • C + E: Facing the dribbler.
  • S: Short pass, header.
  • A: Long pass, cross, header, long throw-in.
  • W: Punch, throw-in.
  • D: Shot, volley, header, shot, close throw.
  • Q + C: Hold custom shadow.
  • C: Hold the ball and cover the ball (the player will have his back to the opposing defender).
  • Q + D: Kick the ball, hit the ball, bounce the ball over the goalkeeper’s head.
  • Q + W: Poke scholarship.
  • Q + S: Low range poke.
  • D + D: Sticky shot, low header.
  • D + S + ←↑↓→: Pretend to shoot.
  • A + S + ←↑↓→: Pretend to pass.
  • Z + W: Turn on the wall with teammates.
  • Z + A: Pass.
  • Z + S: Pass the ball low.
  • C + S: Pass by surprise.
  • Hold down Z: Technical line.
  • A + A: Low cross.
  • Q + A: Cross the ball quickly.
  • Z: Require to be supported.
  • E + C: Cancel.
  • Z + D: Cut the heart, spin the shot (shot with the inside cheek).
  • C + D: Sudden shot, quick shot.

Defensive Shortcuts

  • S: Change control player.
  • Shift + ←↑↓→: Change players (in the direction of the arrow).
  • A: Split and get up quickly after a tackle or slip.
  • Space: Tackle the ball.
  • Hold down Space when chasing the ball: Pushing people, resting shoulders, pressing the ball.
  • Hold down D: Close to the opponent.
  • D or S: Break the ball, head to break the ball (when the ball is high, corner kick).
  • Hold down Q: Ask teammates for defensive support.
  • C: Accompanied by short people.
  • E: Run fast, move the fence.
  • Z: Raise the formation.
  • W: The goalkeeper rushes, the ball barrier jumps (when taking a free kick).
  • C + ←↑↓→: Dispute the ball.
  • Press and hold C + E: Run and control.

Shortcut for throw-in, corner kick

  • A: Strong corner kick.
  • A + A (press A twice): Light corner kick.
  • A + A + A (press A 3 times): Corner kick (closer to the ground).
  • S: Passing.
  • Z: Change players.
  • ←↑↓→: Align, select target to pass or shoot.
  • C: Call nearby players.
  • D: Finish, header, volley.
  • S: Close throw-in.
  • W: Quick throw-in (custom).
  • A: Throw-in long.
  • A + S / S + A: Pretend to throw in.

Shortcut for direct free kick

  • D + ←↑↓→: Spin (spin in the direction of the arrow).
  • Q + D: Custom shot.
  • S: Pass the ball low.
  • A: Long pass, cross.
  • E: Select the shooter.
  • C: Call the second kicker.
  • Z: Call the third kicker.
  • C + D: Let the second player kick the ball.
  • Z + D: Let the third player shoot.
  • W: The ball barrier jumps up.
  • D: Control the defense.
  • C / E: Move the defense.
  • Z: Raise the defense.
  • Ctrl + ←↑↓→: Adjust the position.

Penalty Control (Penalty)

  • ←↑↓→: Move the player or change the direction of the ball.
  • D: Shoot the ball, finish.
  • E: Select the shooter.
  • Z + D: Cut the heart, shoot with the inside cheek.
  • Q + D: Hit the ball.
  • Ctrl or D + ←↑↓→: Control the goalkeeper when catching penalties.

Updated: June 28, 2023

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