Summary of all achievements in Minecraft and how to unlock

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Minecraft currently has up to 122 achievements for players to unlock. They include everything from punching the first tree to defeating the Ender Dragon. In this article, let’s explore all 122 achievements in Minecraft, divided into broad categories and instructions for completing them.

Minecraft currently has a total of 122 achievements for players to unlock
Minecraft currently has a total of 122 achievements for players to unlock

Summary of all achievements in Minecraft and how to unlock

Basic Achievement

Achievement name How to finish
Getting Wood Punch the tree until a wooden block pops out
Taking Inventory Open the archive
Benchmarking Create a workbench with 4 wooden planks
Time to Mine! Use a plank and a stick to make a pickaxe
Time to Strike! Use boards and sticks to make swords
Time to Farm! Make a hoe
MOAR Tools Craft 1 for each type of tool
Getting an Upgrade Craft a better pickaxe
Hot Topic Build a kiln from 8 cobblestone blocks
Renewable Energy Use charcoal to burn wooden crates to make more charcoal
Cow Tipper Harvest some skin
Acquire Hardware Melt 1 iron bar
Chestful of Cobblestone Mine 1728 cobblestones and put it in a chest
It’s a Sign! Craft and place an oak sign
Iron Man Wearing a full set of iron armor
Pot Planter Craft and place 1 flower pot
Pot Planter Use one cauldron to dye all 4 pieces of leather armor
Fruit on the Loom Combine the enchanted golden apple with a piece of paper to create a banner
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Animal Achievements

Achievement name How to finish
Leader of the Pack Make friends with 5 wolves
Lion Hunter Get the trust of 1 ocelot
Repopulation Breeding 2 cows with wheat
Have a Shearful Day Use scissors to remove the fleece
Rainbow Collection Gather all 16 wool colors
When Pigs Fly Use the saddle to ride the pig and let the pig get injured by falling while riding
Saddle Up Taming a horse
Artificial Selection Breeding a mule from a horse and a donkey
So I Got That Going for Me Lead a caravan with at least 5 llamas
Zoologist Breeding 2 pandas with bamboo
Where have you been? Receive a gift from a domesticated cat in the morning
Plethora of Cats Make friends with 20 feral cats
Whatever Floats Your Goat Get on a boat and float with a goat
The Healing Power of Friendship! Team up with 1 axolotl and win a battle
Birthday Song Have 1 allay drop 1 cake at a note block
With Our Powers Combined! There are all 3 frog lights in stock

Achievements in farming and cooking

Achievement name How to finish
Pork Chop Cook and eat 1 piece of pork
Delicious Fish Catch and cook 1 fish
Bake Bread Turn wheat into bread
Iron Belly Stop hunger by using spoiled meat
The Lie Bake cakes using wheat, sugar, milk and eggs
Rabbit Season Cook and eat rabbit meat
Time for Stew Give someone a suspicious stew

Achievements on bees, honey and beeswax

Achievement name How to finish
Bee our guest Use the campfire to get honey from the hive with the bottle
Total Beelocation Move and place a hive with 3 bees inside, using Silk Touch
Sticky Situation Slide 1 block of honey down to slow it down
Wax on, Wax off Apply and remove beeswax from all copper blocks
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Achievements of discovery

Achievement name How to finish
Adventuring Time Explore 17 biomes
Passing the Time Play 100 days
Map Room Place 9 fully explored, contiguous maps into 9 item frames in a 3×3 . square
Sound of Music Bring the grasslands to life with the sound of the music player
Trampoline Jump 30 blocks from 1 block of slime
Beam Me Up Teleport more than 100 meters from one Ender Pearl throw
Me Gold! Dig a buried treasure
Top of the World Set scaffolding to world limit
Caves & Cliffs Free fall from the top (construction limit) to the bottom of the world and survive

Combat Achievements

Achievement name How to finish
Monster Hunter Attack and destroy 1 monster
Archer Kill 1 Creeper with an arrow
Sniper Duel Kill 1 Skeleton with 1 arrow from more than 50 meters
Overkill Damage 9 hearts in one hit
Camouflage Kill 1 mob while wearing the same mob head
Taste of Your Own Medicine Poison a witch with a Splash Potion
Bodyguard Create an iron golem
Feeling Ill Defeat 1 Evoker
Cheating Death Use the Totem of Undying to prevent death
Kill the Beast! Defeat 1 Ravager
We’re being attacked! Activate 1 Pilager raid
Sound the Alarm! Ring the bell with the arch-enemy in the village
I’ve got a bad feeling about this Kill Pilager captain
Bullseye Hit the target block’s center of gravity

Village achievements and exchanges

Achievement name How to finish
Zombie Doctor Heal 1 Zombie Villager
The Haggler Buy or spend 30 emeralds by trading with villagers
Treasure Hunter Get a map from a Cartographer Villager, then enter the revealed structure
Buy Low, Sell High Trade for the best price possible
Master Trader Exchange 1000 emeralds
Star trader Trade with a villager at the building height limit
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Achievements in redstone and automation

Achievement name How to finish
On A Rail Move by minecart to a point at least 500m away in a single direction from the starting place
Freight Station Use a hopper to move an item from a minecart chest to a chest
Dispense With This Constructing a dispenser
Inception Push a piston with the piston, then pull the original piston with that piston

Diamond Achievement

Achievement name How to finish
Diamonds to you! Throw diamonds at other players
DIAMONDS! Get diamonds with iron tools

Updated: September 5, 2022

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