Summary of admin command, how to use admin command in Project Zomboid

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Admin command or admin commands are commands that the host of the game server sets. These commands allow the host to modify the game’s settings, create items, or run functions that are unavailable.

This is an interesting element for multiplayer servers, and Project Zomboid is no exception. In this article, let’s explore the list of admin commands in Project Zomboid, as well as how to use the admin command.

List of admin commands in Project Zomboid

Admin command Act
/additem “user” “module.item” Provide an item to the player.
/addvehicle “user” Spawn 1 vehicle.
/addxp “user” “perk=XP” Gives players XP.
/alarm Building alarm sounds at admin’s location.
/changeoption option=”newOption” Change server options.
/chopper Place a helicopter event on a random player.
/changepwd “pwd” “newPwd” Change the password.
/createhorde “number” Spawn out a crowd near a player.
/godmode “user” Make a player invincible.
/gunshot Generates gunfire near the player.
/help Displays the help menu.
/invisible “user” Make the player invisible to zombies.
/noclip “user” Allows the player to pass through solid objects.
/quit Save and exit the server.
/releasesafehouse Release an existing safe house.
/reloadoptions Reload server preferences.
/save Save the present world.
/sendpulse The switch sends server performance information to the client.
/showoptions Displays a list of options and current server values.
/startin Starting to rain on the server.
/stoprain Stop raining on the server.
/teleport “toUser” or /teleport “user” “toUser” Teleport to a player.
/teleportto x,y,z Teleport to certain coordinates.

How to use the admin command in Project Zomboid

To use console commands or admin commands, the first thing to do is set the player’s access level from console. Once done, people can enter commands from the Control Panel or from the game’s chat itself.

In-game chat

Here are the steps to use admin commands via in-game chat:

  • Launch Project Zomboid
  • Open the chat box by pressing the key BILLION
  • Enter the command marked with /

Control Panel

Here are the steps to use admin commands through the Control Panel:

  • Launch Project Zomboid
  • Open Console.
  • Proceed to enter the command and remove the / at the beginning.

Updated: 04/14/2023

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