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Onmyoji: Arena, or Onmyoji Arena, is a tactical MOBA game, with an extremely attractive Onmyoji storyline. Participating in Onmyoji: Arena, gamers will play as their favorite Onmyoji character and try to take down enemies in 5v5 PvP battles.

In this article, let’s find out Important strategies when playing Onmyoji Arena – Onmyoji: Arenagiving players a good start.

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Choose the best server according to your region

Onmyoji: Arena has 2 main servers and players should choose the best server for their region. If you choose a different server than the one suitable for the region, the latency (or ping) you will experience in-game can be a pretty big deal.

The SEA server is ideal for the following regions: Southeast Asia, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia. The World server is dedicated to NA, EU, South America and all other non-Asia regions.

Choose the lane that suits your playstyle

Depending on the style of play, the player will need to choose the right lane. If you like healing or supporting teammates, choose the bottom lane. Meanwhile, if you want to play gladiator characters (Samurai, Ninja), you can go to the upper lane. Finally, if you want to play a long-ranged damage role, the mid lane is often the place to be.

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Researching only one role and a handful of heroes

If you really want to be good at the game, try to focus on learning a role that you enjoy and a few heroes that might be a good fit for that role.

For example, if you want to play as a support, focus on learning Hako Shoujo, Bakekujira, and Kusa. Gamers should not try to research all the roles but become the best at 1 role.

Do quests and participate in events

There are many events going on in Onmyoji: Arena. These events change almost weekly, so gamers should try to stay active, play to earn all the rewards so as not to miss out on something limited.

Example: Players can get limited heroes (like Inuyasha or Ichigo) by playing the game during a limited time event.

Customize Shikigami

In options Prepare, gamers can test different customizations for their character. Players should create new Onmyodo pages for each hero they play, depending on how they want to play them. Also, make sure to check out all the other options to familiarize yourself with everything else there is to know in the game.

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