Strategies to play eFootball 2023 gamers need to know

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One of the most famous football games is undoubtedly the eFootball or PES series. The latest part eFootball 2023 has attracted attention and is quickly loved by the football-enthusiast gaming community.

eFootball 2023 has brought significant changes to the game in the form of a seasonal update, and fans have been eager to give it a try. The core mode in Konami’s football simulation game is the Dream Team mode, which can be considered the equivalent of Ultimate Team in FIFA 23.

Football simulation game - eFootball 2023
Football simulation game – eFootball 2023

Players will be happy to know that the rewards in eFootball 2023’s Dream Team mode will be much better. In addition to a campaign dedicated to celebrating the game’s launch, users will also have a lot of options to collect rewards.

However, it takes more than one good team to win and the process is not easy. In this article, let’s discover tips for building a comprehensive squad and using resources effectively, helping gamers succeed in eFootball 2023’s Dream Team mode.

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Strategies to play eFootball 2023 gamers need to know

Attend all events

PvE and PvP events are both happening very regularly in eFootball 2023. Unless Konami changes, this will likely happen on a weekly basis.

Unlike the previous version, the rewards this time are much better. Users can get eFootball coins by completing PvP events without too much difficulty. These premium coins can be used to attract good players to improve Dream Team.

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Each event also awards a lot of GP to own new players. Unlike FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, the base players can be obtained directly from the store. Gamers can use GP to exchange for the players they want.

Use AI-controlled matches

Sometimes there can be too many activities in the game, which keeps some people busy to complete. Fortunately, all AI matches can be played automatically.

It’s a simple task, the points and potential rewards of the AI ​​control the group similarly. The process is relatively simple as all a player needs to do is go into the match settings before it even starts.

People can set the AI ​​difficulty level in the settings and choose who will control the group. Once the match starts, the player won’t have to do anything as the match will take place independently.

Based on the player’s experience, the AI ​​is relatively reliable and does its job in most cases.

Focus on younger players

Although buying star players in eFootball 2023 will be more attractive, there is a good reason to own potential young players. First, these cards are much cheaper and easier to buy.

Upgrading them will require resources, but a lot to prioritize right now, at the start of a new season. In the long run, getting these cards makes more sense as you level up higher and offers more customization in terms of playstyle and attributes.

Choose a lineup, familiar gameplay

Having a great manager and a team of many familiar players is half the task in eFootball 2023. If their familiarity with a chosen style of play is not high, the team will underperform on the field. .

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Using cards with less overall rating but significantly greater familiarity will be extremely helpful. The young players’ cards provide plenty of level-up points, allowing players to create cards to suit a variety of playing styles.

Another significant advantage is ensuring the team’s familiarity with the gameplay is above 95. This is simply because each player’s overall attributes are increased based on a high level of familiarity.

Each card can be upgraded to a maximum of +3, making the real difference between winning and losing. Furthermore, the boost applies to any and every card, as long as it meets the rules for boost.

Accept defeat

Dream Team in eFootball 2023 is mainly PvP mode, with the main aim of creating the best possible squad. Besides the tournaments where the AI ​​controls the opponent, there are tournaments and other online modes that are more interesting.

No matter how good someone and their team are, a player can still lose a match. Besides that, there is also an element of luck, which is common with any video game.

No matter how well players do in eFootball 2023, losses will be part of the journey. The idea is to accept them and find the cause is the right thing to do.

This will allow gamers to improve and discover shortcomings in their squad. It makes victories more special, instead of just angry when encountering defeat.

Avoid PvP fights if Playstyle is below 90

Players will earn experience points with each match depending on the relationship between coach and player. If the level of BILLIONeam Playstyle Level/OVR of players under 90, team members will earn very little exp and perform badly in matches against other online players.

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So be patient and give points to players whenever possible and give Playstyle of the team to at least 90 before participating in online competition. If Playstyle of the original team when signing a coach and putting on his team less than 70, the player should discard that plan and take a different approach.

Play standard formation

Given the very low probability of signing a legendary player and the fact that these players also only have contracts 60 days after renewal. Players may run out of contract tickets at the time of joining due to lack of eFootball points in exchange.

Therefore, start playing with a team that includes standard players more often and normalize this. Even the standard player cards can perform better than some legendary player cards if the player knows how to use smart progression points for the right attribute stats.

Some more tips

If you’re a new player, make sure to link your Konami ID to your Google Account first. This will bring 3 benefits: backing up game data, exchanging items/players with eFootball points. Last but not least, players can only earn eFootball points from certain out-of-game campaigns.

Next, don’t miss the daily login rewards. Join the ongoing eFootball Championship Open Events to get rewards in the form of eFootball points.

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