Strategies to know when playing King’s Choice

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King’s Choice is a role-playing game that simulates a lavish life in the splendid castles of medieval Europe. Players will become the legendary king and recruit famous generals, meet countless beautiful beauties, find a worthy heir, quell rebellion and expand their empire.

Empire-building role-playing game set in medieval Europe - King's Choice
Empire-building role-playing game set in medieval Europe – King’s Choice

All decisions made by King’s Choice players are geared towards the ultimate goal of becoming the supreme emperor. If you are new to this game, continue reading this article to grasp the important strategies when playing King’s Choice – Gamota and became a great emperor.

Ruler of an empire besieged by cunning enemies is no easy task. Players must complete countless tasks to keep the image clean in front of their people. A sharp brain can sometimes fail, so the following King’s Choice tips will help newbies who are still confused.

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Strategies to know when playing King’s Choice

Learn the basics

At first, King’s Choice can seem like a mess because there are many actions to take and many choices to face. But the process is quite simple and gradually resembles an idle game after a number of levels. Common activities that players will do at first are participating in PvE mode, making decisions, collecting resources and rewards, dating, doing main quests, and more.

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Understand the attributes and their necessity

The overall strength of King’s Choice characters (mainly lords and knights) is based on attribute points. There are 4 types of attribute points: Strength, Leadership, Intellect and Charisma.

Attributes play an important role in King's Choice
Attributes play an important role in King’s Choice


It showed the fighting ability of the knights and soldiers. Higher strength means that the army has more attack power, making it very useful in outpost battles. Quality over quantity, so when a player has a strong army, he or she will receive fewer casualties.


Leadership – the ability to lead, defined by the ability to gather one of the resources from Interior Ministry. As this stat increases, the ratio/number in the barracks will increase. It also has a good role in recruiting soldiers.


It is related to collecting silver from Interior Ministry. Just like the Leadership attribute, Intellect has an important role in collecting silver, the higher the stat, the more resources the player receives.


Leadership develops from charisma – Charisma. The higher the charisma, the more soldiers you can attract to follow you. Therefore, this attribute has a direct connection with the recruitment of soldiers.

Master the plantation battles

The outpost is where players will fight in PvE mode. It allows unlocking new chapters and progressing through the story as well as delving deeper into the game. There are a total of 6 battles in each outpost, of which 5 are the main battle and the final boss battle. Each battle consists of multiple waves depending on the player’s level.

Complete the main quest

Completing main quests is a great way to get exclusive rewards. It’s like a helping hand, guiding the gamer through every part of the game. The main mission is set up in a way that makes the player go around every corner to focus on everything, instead of being too biased on one factor.

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Interior Ministry plays an important role to rule Niveal

Every kingdom must have laws to rule smoothly. All the actions the player will plan and take to turn Niveal into a peaceful city, are decided at the Interior Ministry. It is divided into 2 parts Goverment and Collection.

Goverment where players will make their decisions. The choice to do 1 of 2 actions will come every 30 minutes. Options provide 2 types of resources as leader exp or prestige points and general resources like silver etc. Take all this as it will increase the player’s lord level, unless The other option provides a rare resource.

Collection It is divided into 3 categories Conduct Trade, Trade Grains and Train Soldiers. These are the assets that the player has in King’s Choice. The number of collections is based on the player’s chapter and level. Please check often Collection to collect items that need to be invested to upgrade.

Building Knight’s Strength

Knight is the core engine of the kingdom. They own each attribute and have expertise in different areas. Not everyone can fight, instead, they will guide the player through different objectives. Knights can be unlocked through a number of ways such as VIP leveling up.

Based on the next main quest, choose a Knight perfectly suited for that job. For example, if required to defeat a boss at an outpost or unlock a chapter quickly, then the player should prioritize higher-powered Knighs.

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