Strategies to know when playing Holy Land AFK

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AFK Sanctuary, or AFK Arena, is a role-playing game that takes players on this fantasy adventure, leading a squad of loyal heroes in a grand campaign. Everyone will also go through a series of difficult and dangerous challenges in the Dark Forest and use all sorts of useful mechanics in Ranhorn. AFK Sanctuary is a game with depth, so let’s explore tips to help beginners become a master that has overcome all challenges in battles.

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Strategies to know when playing Holy Land AFK

Summon Heroes

Adding new heroes to the lineup can be done by taking a trip to the tavern The Noble Tavern. Players will have all sorts of ways to recruit new characters through different types of collectibles.

Gamers must always wait until there is a large number of such items before entering the pub. That way, everyone will have enough resources to spend on the option Summon 10. This is the only hero recruitment option one should choose as recruiting a single person may not be worth the money everyone just wasted on him/her.

Focus on completing the campaign

AFK Arena tasks players with engaging in PvP battles, bonus quests, and a host of other battle modes to enjoy. But before being able to do any of those modes, gamers will need to complete certain stages of the campaign.

Try to complete the levels to unlock a large number of other sub-modes of the game. Tap on the gray buildings attached to locked modes to discover which stages to pass.

Reset regular heroes

The best heroes in AFK Sanctuary are ranked heroes Rare or Elite. At first, people will need to rely on ranked heroes Common in his first battle. Upgrade them along with the rest of the higher ranked heroes until a few more warriors are collected Rare or Elite.

When this happens, go to Rickety Cart to be able to reset level heroes Common mine. The useful resources people gain from this process can then be used to upgrade heroes to higher levels and equip them with hero items. Common just reset.

Hero upgrade

Summoning a bunch of identical heroes gives the player a higher chance of leveling up the hero’s star/sublimation level.

After having 1 copy of the properly leveled hero and 2 unleveled copies of the same character, head to the Temple of Ascension. This is where gamers can sacrifice those 2 weaker hero copies to upgrade the character to become even stronger.

Complete the quests

On the main menu, tab Quests located at the top right of the screen. Gamers must always complete the full list of suggested daily quests, thereby collecting 100 daily activity points to own all associated chests.

Check back from time to time for daily, weekly, and campaign tasks that are still pending so you can immediately move on to completing them. This method helps players focus on an unfinished task to complete it faster.

Make the most of the modes in Dark Forest and Ranhorn

Regime Dark Forest and Ranhorn is home to loads of extras, battle-based modes, and key regions and locations. Once everything is unlocked in both modes, make sure to spend some time taking advantage of everything they give everyone access to.

Players defeat one of the main battle modes in Dark Forest will earn some great rewards. Besides, use every feature available in Ranhornfor example, join an active clan.

Choose Relic to increase strength and ability

The Dark Forest is the house of Arcane Labyrinth, a grid-based battle mode that resets every 48 hours. As you walk along each tile and complete battles, you’ll come across chests that provide Relic relics that boost the party’s stats.

Relics should always equip items that give the party some advantage in health, mana, and defense. The added advantage in either of those respects will help the team last a lot longer in the long run. Take advantage of grid options Fountain of Vitality, Abandoned Wagon and Mystic every time they come across them because they are so necessary.

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