Strategies to know when playing Clash Royale

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Clash Royale is one of the most successful free-to-play mobile games available in the market. It is a great combination of card game and tower defense that is extremely fun, even when played alone or in cooperation with friends.

If you are new to Clash Royale, the beginning stage will be full of difficulties, but with the following tips, the journey in this game will be a lot easier. These Clash Royale tips and strategies will help players beat their opponents, as well as increase their overall level and King Tower faster.

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Don’t waste gold and gems

In Clash Royale, gold and gems are precious currencies that need to be saved as much as possible. In particular, gold plays a very important role to level up cards, thereby helping to level up King Tower and play in different arenas.

In the early stages, don’t waste gems opening chests as quickly as possible, or only use chests that take a long time to open, such as Giant Chests or Gold Chests. Instead, gamers can use them to buy cards, vouchers, and emojis.

Create a versatile and powerful deck

One of the most important things to do in Clash Royale is to build a strong deck that can resist any type of attack. Diversity is essential in this game, so make sure you have cards that can destroy both ground and air troops.

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Cards should include a variety like Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Champion. The card variety will provide a range of different attacks and defenses, while also balancing the deck and making sure not to overuse Elixir in battles.

Use Elixir sparingly

While in battle, gamers must be strategic with how to use Elixir. Using all cards at once, especially in the early stages, will make the opponent counterattack successfully. Cleverly timing Elixir will be the key to damaging Princess Tower over time.

Using one or two cards at a time and saving the rest of Elixir to defend the base is the best way. Of course, this is not a specific rule and players will have the opportunity to use more cards at once, so it just needs to be done strategically.

Aim for Princess Tower first

An important rule to win matches is to always aim for the Princess Tower. The King Tower should never be attacked first, as this will activate a cannon making it harder for the player to win.

Towers can sometimes be accidentally hit while using area damage spells, that’s why it’s so important to aim carefully before using the cards.

When one of the Princess Towers is destroyed, the player should also focus on the other Princess Tower. This is because it has less HP and will be destroyed faster.

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