Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Combat Tips

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There are many ways to confront the enemies that Cal Kestis will use throughout Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Whether it’s using the Force to overpower the empire and other opponents, or using the 5 lightsabers to slash through enemies, Cal has a way to fight back.

As a Jedi Knight, Cal Kestis has a vast arsenal of lightsaber powers and abilities that make him a fierce threat to anyone who decides to pursue the character.

The latest game in the Star Wars game series - Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
The latest game in the Star Wars game series – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

However, despite Cal’s skills and combat ingenuity, sometimes players can easily get overwhelmed, especially when facing bosses or hordes of enemies. Therefore, please refer to the combat tips in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor below, help gamers master and take advantage of all combat skills to overwhelm the enemy.

Use the right skills

There are many skill trees in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for players to invest with hard-earned skill points. With different Force skill trees, 5 lightsabers and survival skill trees, players will need to participate in side content to complete all skill trees.

The right skills in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor can help Cal survive in combat. The most important ones include the initial Survival skills, as well as any lightsaber poses the player chooses to focus on.

Memorize attack patterns

Players will have to dodge and overcome some fierce battles in THIS game. More intense battles in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will introduce certain attack patterns that the player captures.

Memorizing attack patterns is crucial to winning battles, especially against some legendary monsters. Understanding how enemies or bosses attack will help open up attack options for Cal. This is especially important for the game’s final boss.

Master at least one lightsaber pose

Since there are 5 different ways to fight against enemies with the lightsabers poses, it’s easy to keep switching with those poses. However, if you want to master combat in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, players need to focus on a lightsaber pose that they want to use most of the time and hone it to perfection.

Mastering the movements and investing in the skills of that pose will help a lot in the long run. For the second pose, the player can use whatever they want to learn next or use to play around the map.

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