Splatoon 3 battle tips for beginners

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Splatoon is a third-person shooter game, for everyone, offering endless fun. Following the success of the 2nd part, Splatoon 3 is finally released for all family members to enjoy, and it is expected to surpass its predecessor.

In this article, check out the must-know tips and tricks for playing Splatoon 3, especially helpful when taking your first steps into the game’s colorful world.

Battle Tips in Splatoon 3

Always refill ink

In Splatoon 3 and every other Splatoon before it, ink is the player’s most valuable resource. Going from one area to another will require using up the ink in a variety of ways.

Also, killing enemies and winning the match will require the use of ink. To refill ink, no matter what weapon the player uses, it is essential to crouch and fully immerse in the paint to raise the ink level again. Going around in paint is a quick way to move the map and refill ink at the same time. So mastering this move and refilling ink is the key to victory.

Check out all the weapons

One of the best things about playing Splatoon is unlocking new weapons to use on the battlefield. It has a diverse arsenal of weapons and all have different feelings and techniques when used. So instead of just running around with standard guns, players should check each weapon when unlocking them.

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For example, using a roller on a set of pistols brings a whole new element to the game. Roller can cover more areas with paint but has no distance when trying to take down the opposing team. Choosing a weapon is a fine balancing act between pros and cons, so don’t skimp on that weapon, test each weapon to see which one suits your playstyle best.

Practice in Story Mode

Another part of Splatoon’s modes that is often overlooked, as many gamers flock to online battles, is the Story Mode. In Splatoon 1 and 2, the stories are hardly groundbreaking or in-depth, but they both serve a function and purpose.

Splatoon’s story mode is definitely the first place players should go when they first enter. The lack of depth aside, the story mode guides players through every trick they need to know, from movement to weapon usage, and even special weapons. Giving the story an overview is a way to stay ahead of the pack, capturing the various abilities and weapons available in the game.

Paint all areas

This is something that every Splatoon gamer knows, but still a lot of people make the mistake of playing it like a traditional online shooter. Running around in a fight like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 won’t be able to win solo matches in Splatoon 3.

The main objective of Turf War is not only to eliminate the opposing team, but also to paint the area with the specified color. This is the main focus of every match, painting parts of the map completely or covering areas the enemy has painted is an essential element of becoming a professional Splatoon player.

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Fill special gauges

Special gauges that, once filled, allow the player to create a paint-filled hell for the opposition. Each special move is assigned to a weapon, so be careful when choosing your weapon as you may not get what you want.

To get the full special meter, the player must cover more areas with paint or take out the enemy. Performing these actions quickly and efficiently fills up special gauges, providing players with a devastating move to destroy opponents and even win the match.

Equip the right clothes

As essential as choosing the right weapons and special combos, gearing is simple to learn but prone to mistakes in the early game. It’s not just about changing clothes to the latest ones available in the store, it also affects the style of play, becoming the key to victory or defeat.

Every wearable item in Splatoon 3, from cool Splatfest t-shirts to sun visors and designer shoes, has to be carefully selected. The slots on each item will give perks, so the more slots there are, the more perks.

Keep this in mind as having 3 slots will be a big advantage, for example respawn time or movement speed. So shop wisely, sometimes the best items don’t always give the opposing team an edge.

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