Spider-Man: Miles Morales tips for beginners

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the excellent sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man. While Miles’ story is shorter and less involved than Peter Parker’s, the game is still absolutely amazing. In this beginner’s guide, discover helpful tips to make playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales easier by developer Insomniac.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales tips for beginners

Venom skill is the best

Miles doesn’t have nearly as many skills as Peter Parker, nor does he have the superpower that always charges. Instead, Miles has his own set of tools. The first and most powerful of them are the attacks of Miles’ Venom (not to be confused with the Symbiote that owns Eddie Brock).

In Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the player activates Venom’s attacks by holding L1 and click a face button. This will help gamers will end up with a pile of Venom energy. But players don’t want to use that Venom energy, because this ability is extremely useful.

Venom Smash is one of the first things gamers receive and it allows to deal a lot of damage, stunning all surrounding enemies.

Skill Venom Jump. Every Venom skill is extremely useful and has a lot of use cases.

Combat is significantly harder without using the Venom ability, so be sure to use that energy when it spawns.

Train Spider as soon as possible for skills

Early in the story, Peter Parker will ask the player to take some holographic training. After completing the related story quest, the player will unlock more Spider-Man Training programs (Spider-Training) across the map. Make these a priority.

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These quests serve as good guides to Miles’ skills, but they also unlock exclusive abilities on first completion. These include useful tools like Paybackallows immediate use Takedown on an enemy if the player completes dodging Perfect Dodge their ranged attacks. To get that, all gamers need to do is complete the training Combat Challenge 2.0 with ratings Amazing (copper).

Players can repeat these challenges again for more Activity Tokens – Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ currency to buy new Spider-Man suits and upgrades. However, players should also not spend too much time trying to maximize their rank until they have leveled up and received certain upgrades. That makes getting higher ratings much easier.

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