Sons of The Forest: Tips for choosing a companion

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Sons of The Forest is the sequel to the survival horror game – The Forest. In this latest installment, players will be chased by cannibal mutants while battling the harsh environment on a remote deserted island.

Everyone can refer to the Guide on how to play Sons of The Forest with friends to work together to overcome danger. However, if playing solo, gamers are still supported by the game’s AI.

It’s also one of the essential parts of Sons of the Forest, choosing friendly NPCs, also known as companions, to assist the protagonist from start to finish. As a result, choosing a companion became one of the most discussed questions on other gaming forums. This article will guide players How to choose a more suitable companion in Sons of the Forest.

Kelvin in Sons of The Forest

Kelvin is the male companion in Sons of the Forest, a soldier who survived a helicopter crash. According to the game’s plot, Kelvin is deaf and cannot speak but this defect does not prevent him from assisting the protagonist.

Virginia in Sons of The Forest

Virginia is a female companion, with three arms and three legs. Despite her monstrous appearance, she is still human with her humanity intact. Virginia loves the sun and hates the colder parts of the island. If the character gradually becomes close to Virginia, she will start flirting with the player.

Choosing Kelvin or Virginia as a companion?

Choosing a companion is one of the most subjective things in Sons of The Forest. Virginia and Kelvin will both help players complete quests and end the main storyline. The only difference between the two NPCs is the personal preference of each gamer.

Statistically, most players chose Kelvin and he seems to be one of the most iconic NPCs in the gaming industry today. However, the decision to choose a companion should not be influenced by trends.

If you want a woman with three legs and three arms to be your companion and flirt, then choose Virginia. But if you like a strong soldier who will protect the character, choose Kelvin.

In short, there is no difference in choosing a companion in Sons of The Forest. So feel free to choose a companion that appeals to you the most.

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