Sea of ​​Thieves: Tips for beginners

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Sea of ​​Thieves is a pirate-themed action-adventure game with a first-person multiplayer mode. A group of players will adventure together and explore the open world on a pirate ship, performing various tasks such as commanding, sailing, shooting cannons, …

The first few hours of playing Sea of ​​Thieves can be confusing and confusing for beginners. Therefore, this article will be the essential guide for new players including what to do before setting sail, tips for navigating the sea,…

Tips for playing Sea of ​​Thieves

Start a quest

Quests are an important element in Sea of ​​Thieves
Quests are an important element in Sea of ​​Thieves

The quest in Sea of ​​Thieves is very important and surprisingly complex. The player will need to receive a mission (a voyage, in the Sea of ​​Thieves parlance) from one of the three trading company representatives on the starting island, bring it to his ship, set the quest Go to the captain’s desk and vote for it (with your team, if any) before it can start.

Prepare before setting sail

A pirate who is prepared for anything is a smart pirate and will survive longer. Taking a moment to prepare before doing anything in Sea of ​​Thieves helps people deal with situations later on.

Players should do at least 3 things to prepare:

Stock up on supplies from the coast. Each ship is filled with crates full of supplies such as planks, cannons, and bananas. There are crates scattered around every outpost, abandoned crates on the islands, and even some drifting in the sea. Grab them to keep your supplies and make sure to stock these crates on board.

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A loaded cannon will have a wick protruding from the back
A loaded cannon will have a wick protruding from the back

Keep loading cannons even if you don’t plan to fight because there’s always the risk of encountering another group of hostile players. The player can tell if a cannon is loaded when there is a wick protruding from the vent at the back.

Make sure to have a cage or cage before leaving the outpost. This only applies to Merchant’s Alliance quests, but there’s nothing worse than finding the chicken and realizing there’s no way to collect it. After accepting the Merchant’s Alliance quest, talk to the vendor again to get the cage or cage.

Learn to sail like a pro

People will spend most of their time in the Sea of ​​Thieves sailing from place to place. Some tips for beginners when sailing are as follows:

Many people do it to make the job lighter. Multiple pirates can work at the same time with anchors and sails drastically cutting down on the time it takes to do anything. When two people raise, lower or cut the sail, things move much faster.

Compass is an important tool when sailing
Compass is an important tool when sailing

Always carry a compass, even when not sailing. If you’re in the bow to watch or just trying to keep the sails upwind, this will help the player know where to head and where the end goal is. People can plan ahead to make the most of the wind’s power.

The fastest path is not always a straight line. The speed of the boat will vary considerably depending on the direction of the wind. If you’re trying to get to an island upstream, it makes sense to catch the wind, even if it’s not a straight path to the destination.

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Use a map instead of a compass during storms
Use a map instead of a compass during storms

Storms are very dangerous. Storms at sea create a strong wind that can cut travel time, but they also create some large waves that cause the compass and steering wheel to lose control. The storm can damage the ship so take it slowly instead of trying to get through them. Not making full use of the sails, navigating using a map instead of a compass, etc. is one of the ways to deal with storms.

Collect items from the outpost before going to war

Having ample supplies on board is essential if you plan to engage in a war with enemy ships. Gamers can collect items from crates on outposts and islands, but outposts usually have more crates to loot.

Food, cannons, boards, … are available inside the crate, put them in the supply crate on your ship after looting from an island. One must never forget to gather supplies, especially since the ships in Sea of ​​Thieves will spawn at an outpost.

Leave when the water turns black

When seeing a black water, if you do not own a powerful ship or lack experience, it is better for the player to quickly get to safety. Meg, Kraken and other creatures may be lurking nearby, lurking in the depths waiting for some poor crew to pass by to attack.

Know your crew well

Be sure to know your role as well as that of the other crew members. All have a role in the ship, from defense to attack, sailing, maintenance and repair. Players don’t trust others completely so as not to expose themselves to pirates and rebels on their own ships.

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Check the deck during a storm

In the game, gamers will probably spend most of their time sailing on the upper deck of the ship. All the action takes place there, sailing and searching around, attacking, etc. This makes it easy for people to forget about downstairs.

Below the deck there are many storage facilities and also a place that can be damaged during storms and fights. The ship may start to flood and the player won’t realize it until it’s too late. Therefore, keep an eye on the entire ship.

Don’t leave the mission in the middle

Absolutely do not leave the mission halfway because XP is lost and the player will fall back. Not only does it not give XP, but it also deducts a lot. In addition, all loot and the progress of the aforementioned quest are also lost.

Be sure to allocate time to complete the tasks set by the game. If there is a crew, that affects them too, so be careful in your selection, so don’t join if you don’t have enough time.

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