Roots of Pacha tips for beginners

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When starting to play Roots of Pacha, gamers are thrown into a prehistoric world with many responsibilities to shoulder. Players will be tasked with helping their community grow and progress, as well as optional achievements such as marrying a villager or joining a clan.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, read on to learn important tips on how to play Roots of Pacha, help newbies stay on track and develop Pacha into a modern society.

Roots of Pacha Tips for Beginners

A day in Roots of Pacha is pretty short (15 minutes in the real world). This means that everyone will need to use their time wisely and do what needs to be done that day. The good thing is that players are not restricted like only appearing around when certain locations are open, who goes out late at night,…

Ignore all preconceptions about getting rich and any other individualistic success trends. Unlike similar games of the same genre, people are working for the whole community in Roots of Pacha. Keep an eye on contributing to the entire village for success.

Don’t feel bad about struggling to keep up with all the information to follow in Roots of Pacha. If necessary, keep a note system outside the game to keep things organized.

Upgrade the tool as soon as possible. For example, placing the water tank on the Waterskin will allow for more water capacity. This makes mindless tasks like watering the plants much faster, leaving gamers free to perform more important tasks.

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Don’t bother trying to find your way to the cave until the 4th day of spring 1. That’s because the caves won’t open until then, and people will waste their day on long, fruitless treks.

General tips for every Roots of Pacha gamer

By the time they get past the first few days in Roots of Pacha, the player may already have understood everything. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any more tips to give everyone an extra edge. Immediately apply the tips below to continue to develop Pacha.

If there are not many materials (wood, fiber, stone, …), prioritize using them for research and construction of structures. Also, try fishing in the rain as there are many species of fish that only appear in these weather conditions.

If playing multiplayer in Roots of Pacha, make sure to plan for no more than 4 players. This is because only 4 people can play at a time in a multiplayer save file.

When you don’t know what to do next, don’t forget to check out Prophecy. People can do this by venturing into the woods to the west of the house and examining the object in the center of the pedestal. This can help players better visualize progress and know what to do next.

Don’t skip checking out the remote areas of the map, such as the beach. These spots will feature countless unique gifts that cannot be found near home. If you need to get there faster, use a mount.

Tomatoes and beets are two of the best crops to grow because they require little care. They don’t need to be replanted each time, and both have relatively low turnaround times.

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When planting pumpkins, keep the timing in mind. They take 15 days to grow, so don’t waste your efforts by planting in late fall.

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