Roles and abilities of characters in Wolvesville

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Wolvesville is a multiplayer game for up to 16 people. Each level will divide players into different teams such as villagers or wolves, all with the goal of fighting to be the last surviving team. Each role will have special abilities to discover other players’ characters and convince other players to cooperate with them.

Some classic roles in online werewolf game - Wolvesville
Some classic roles in online werewolf game – Wolvesville

The game is an online version of the classic Werewolf board game, where the villager role must protect your village from evil forces and the wolf role must destroy all civilians to win. Continue reading this article to find out all available roles in Wolvesville and the abilities of each of those characters.

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Classic roles in Wolvesville

Role Phe Ability
Doctor Villager Choose 1 player to cover each night. That person will not be killed that night.
Protect Villager Choose 1 player to protect each night and that person is not killed that night. Instead, the Guardian will be attacked and not die the first time because he is very strong. The guard will die on the 2nd attack. Every night you will defend yourself.
The guard Villager During the day, you can shoot or reveal the role of another player. Both actions can only be performed once, but cannot be performed on the same day. The role will be revealed when you shoot another player.
Jailer Villager During the day, it is possible to select 1 player to jail the next night. The warden can talk anonymously to the detainee at night. That person will not be able to use their abilities and will not be attacked. You have 1 bullet to kill the player who is locked in the dungeon during the night
Geisha Villager At night, it is possible to visit the player. If attacked at that time, you will not die. However, if you visit an attacked player, werewolf or solo killer, the prostitute will die.
Prophesy Villager Every night it is possible to see the role of another player.
Fortune teller Villager Each night, 1 player can be fortune-telling to know if their surname is Good, Evil or Unknown.
Master Villager It is possible to chat anonymously with the dead at night. The medium has the ability to select 1 villager who died during the night and revive them during the day once during the game.
Baby flower Villager Protect 1 player from hanging by villagers.
Sell ​​wolf Villager or Werewolf Be a normal villager until you are bitten by a werewolf, at which point you will become a Werewolf. You cannot be transformed to another faction by the Cardinal,..
Young Wolf Wolf Man Choose which player to die with when you are killed.
Dark Wolf Wolf Man Every 1 time in the game you can double your team’s votes for the day, all votes will be hidden.
Guardian Wolf Wolf Man Protect a player from the same faction from the villager’s hanging
Prophet Wolf Wolf Man Each night, 1 player can be selected to view their role. If he is the last werewolf or gives up his ability, the Wolf of Prophecy will become a regular werewolf.
Dump guy Solo You have to trick the villagers to hang you, if they hang you you win.
Hacker Solo

Choose 1 player to infiltrate each night. That person will not be able to use their abilities, cannot speak, vote the next day, and die at the end of the day. That player cannot be resurrected by the medium and the role is not revealed upon death.

The hacker is not killed by the werewolf and wins if the last player left.

Update: 10/05/2023

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