Roblox: Synthesize BedWars commands and how to use them

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BedWars is a game mode in Roblox that puts multiple players in an arena, each with their own base. Each player has to expand the base outside, while protecting what they have. If defeated, everyone will respawn at their bed, unless someone destroyed it.

BedWars game mode in Roblox
BedWars game mode in Roblox

Creating a custom mode in BedWars is a way to avoid public servers and get your friends involved in base building and bed-breaking fun. When there’s a client server running, commands help gamers tweak the game the way they want.

In this article, learn how to use commands in BedWars and fully integrate the commands available, providing gamers with multiple ways to customize their game.

How to use commands in BedWars

Commands are instructions players give to the server, they can be used for anything from teleporting players to banning certain items that people don’t want to see in their game. To use commands, gamers will first have to open a chat window.

Open a chat window simply by tapping chat icon in the corner of the screen or press the . key /.

Summary of commands, cheat codes for BedWars

It is important that the commands are entered exactly as provided below. If an item is in parentheses (), it asks the player to specify what he wants to change. For example, if it says (player) then you will need to enter the name of the player.

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Command Effect
/setac enabled Turn on anti-cheat software
/setac disabled Disable anti-cheat software
/void Teleport to space
/bedwars Teleport to BedWars . lobby
/Islands Teleport to Roblox Island
/setTeam (player)(team_name) Assign a player to a certain team
/setHealth (player/@all/@team:(team_name)) (team_name) Adjust the health value of the player or the whole team
/disaster(“meteors/void_rise/toxic_rain/tornado”) Cause a natural disaster, just choose 1 out of 4 and delete the remaining 3 options
/give (player/@all/@team: team-color) (item) (amount) Specify 1 player, 1 item and the number of items you want to give to that player (eg /give PK Sword 10)
/sethealthregen (player) (regen_amount) Set healing rate for a specific player
/cohost (player/all) Grant co-host permissions to a specific player or the entire server
/enchant(itemname_level) Possess 1 enchantment of a certain level (must have an underscore separating the enchantment name and level)
/tp (player) Teleport to 1 specified player on the server
/tp (player) (destination of player) Teleport other players together
/tpbed Teleport the player to his bed
/spawn (itemname) (amount) Spawn any specified item in any quantity
/announce (message) Play any content entered later announce to everyone playing on the server
/kick (player) Remove 1 player from the server
/setgeneratormultiplier (amount) Import first or 2 instead amount will set the resource generation rate (or inf to create as fast as possible)
/blacklistitem (name) It is forbidden to buy an item or weapon in the shop until the next game is started
/disablekit(name) Disable custom in-game kits
/setdeathmatchtime (seconds) Adjust the amount of time in the game before sudden death begins
/togglespawn (item) (true/false) Disable or allow spawning of a specific item in the game
/luckyairdrop Spawn 1 airdrop somewhere in the current game’s map area
/hub Exit the game and return to Roblox hub
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Tips to win in Roblox BedWars

The most popular technique to win in Roblox Bedwars is attack the opponent as soon as the match starts with some blocks and 1 iron sword.

Quickly acting as a surprise attack often gives gamers an advantage. In order to properly charge and win, the player and his teammates must good at close combat and overall combat.

Buy any kit that suits your playstyle yours from the store. There are various kits such as Melody, Archer, Grimreaper and Barbarian. Each specific kit offers a number of bonus perks that can enhance gameplay.

At the beginning of the match, use the resources collected on all the emerald and diamond generator. Do not allow opponents or enemies to dominate those resources.

Protect your bed by Build blocks around the bed, which starts with simple oak blocks and can be upgraded to obsidian later. Also, people can deploy traps like tesla coil trap for further protection.

Locate the opponent’s bed. If they’ve fixed the bed with blocks, prepare to break them with items like TNT dynamite.

Keep upgrading armor, sword or any weapon any different when progressing to the later stages of the game screen. Also, try to improve the team upgrade by using diamonds.

Choose your battles wisely. Instead of starting a fight, try to engage third parties.

Stop any war safely by using balloons if you think the results will not be in your favor.

If you are playing as a team, please choose and understand your role. How team members need to communicate strategies and ideas to each other for smooth coordination.

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