Roblox: How to Preserve and Awaken Devil Fruits in Blox Fruits

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Blox Fruits is a game on Roblox that pits players as pirates or marines, sailing while uncovering the secrets of the seas. In the journey to explore the vast ocean, gamers will encounter devil fruits that can give them unique and powerful abilities. These are called blox fruits and can provide powers such as throwing bombs or turning the player into a dragon.

The game features a variety of Devil Fruits, but will only be able to use one Devil Fruit at a time. Fortunately, players can store blox fruit for later use. In this guide, let’s learn how to preserve Devil Fruits while playing Blox Fruits for easy use later.

How to preserve Devil Fruits in Blox Fruits

Treasure chests that store items

The blox fruits cannot be stored in a regular storage box, instead, gamers need to find a treasure chest. This is a unique chest that allows the player to store blox fruit, as well as Game Passes.

Location of treasure chest

There are currently 2 treasure chests to store blox fruit in the game as follows:

  • The first place to find the storage treasure chest is Second Sea. Here, in Kingdom of Rosespeople can find it in the shop Coffee.

  • The second location can be found in Third Sea at the island Floating Turtle. On this island, everyone will find a mansion with a treasure chest.
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How the storage treasure chest works

In the storage treasure chest, the player will only be able to preserve 1 fruit for each type of blox fruit. However, unlike blox fruit, people can store an unlimited number of Game Passes.

That’s all there is to know about preserving blox fruit. In general, it is quite simple when gamers reach one of two locations. For easy access, you can also set your spawn place to one of these two islands.

How to Awaken Devil Fruits in Blox Fruits

There are many ways to customize a character’s moveset in Blox Fruits. Standard Devil Fruits offer a variety of themed special abilities. Once a certain level is reached, people will want to upgrade their Devil Fruit movesets by awakening them. Not all Devil Fruits in the game can be awakened, but if they can, they will possess tremendous power.

Raids and Fragments

Devil Fruits can only be awakened with a special currency called Fragments (shards), which fall off upon completion of the attack. Raid (raids) are minigame challenges in which 4 players team up to defeat waves of enemies in a limited amount of time.

Players need to buy Raid Chips from the mysterious scientist to start a raid. This chip unlocks at level 1100 and costs 100,000 Beli. Just 1 player, or host, buys and uses chips to join a raid, the other 3 players don’t have to have chips.

This also means that other players can be below level 1100. However, enemies are balanced at level 1100, so players below this level will have a hard time surviving. Every 2 hours, gamers can buy 1 Raid Chip.

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If the party is able to defeat all 5 waves of enemies during the raid, it will receive up to 1000 shards. The more shards there are, the more time is left. If everyone survives to the end of the time without passing all 5 waves, everyone will receive less total shards. If defeated, the player will fail the raid and receive no reward.

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