Restaurant management tips in Recettear: An Item’s Shop Tale

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Recettear: An Item’s Shop Tale is a Japanese indie video game, a business simulation and dungeon exploration, with a compelling storyline. The main character of the game is Recette, a little girl who has to settle a huge debt left by her father. Fortunately, Recette was given the opportunity by the fairy Tear to open a restaurant to work on debt repayment, instead of foreclosure.

Recettear: An Item's Shop Tale . restaurant management simulation game
Recettear: An Item’s Shop Tale . restaurant management simulation game

Players playing the role of Recette will be reeling with the cycle of work and debt repayment, motivating everyone to work continuously but equally interesting with humorous situations. If the real life is not hard enough, everyone should definitely play Recettear: An Item’s Shop Tale to experience the enormous debt repayment pressure that is weighing on their shoulders.

In this article, let’s learn effective restaurant management tips to help players quickly pay off their huge debt in Recettear: An Item’s Shop Tale.

Tips for playing Recettear: An Item’s Shop Tale

Selling at the right price

When selling items for the exact price the customer is willing to pay (no haggling required), the player will get more XP and the customer will be more satisfied. High XP will bring new abilities, happy customers will be willing to spend more money on items.

For the first week or so, the player’s priority isn’t to save every penny from the monstrous items that can be sold, but to maximize XP and customer joy by selling multiple items in a row without losing money. bargain or break combos.

The most suitable price to make customers happy and players rich is 104% of the base price of the item.

Keep some cheap items

In general, customers start with pretty little purses. When selling to them, especially those nearby or directly at the right price, they can level up (indicated by a small heart appearing). When leveling up, the client’s wallet also increases.

Little girls entering the store can be annoying at first because they can’t afford some of the selected items, but sell at a lower rate (104% is a pretty good base) and this will help. alleviate some problems. Gamers should also keep 1-2 cheap items of each type in stock so that if she comes, she will be able to suggest an item that she can buy.

Pay attention to the dialogue

Listen to or read texts and dialogue that appear during gameplay because it can- provide clues about when to discount many items and attract a large number of customers.

Level up customers

The numbers on the items make it easier for customers to level up, so gamers can use slimes. Those numbers also affect how powerful the crafted items are, up to 15.

Some more tips

  • Never sell crystal and should keep the item if the store doesn’t sell it.
  • The drug gives a permanent effect up to a certain amount.
  • Sell ​​red, buy green.

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