Restaurant management tips in Animal Restaurant

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Animal Restaurant is a very cute restaurant management simulation game. Chef Gumi’s restaurant attracts adorable animals from all over the world. The player’s task is to develop the restaurant by advertising to attract potential customers, learn new recipes, install facilities and furniture to ensure the satisfaction of all diners. .

In this article, learn tips to effectively grow and manage an Animal Restaurant, thereby increasing revenue and scaling your business.

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Restaurant management tips in Animal Restaurant

Order many cheap dining tables

If more customers order food, you will earn more cods (in-game currency). But without proper table arrangement, new arrivals won’t be able to order their favorite dishes. Don’t keep customers waiting by booking more tables.

To save costs and get a lot of profit, players should buy the cheapest tables. As soon as you collect enough coins, buy them because having more tables will guarantee a faster income, ensuring diners won’t have to wait in line for a long time.

Use code Animal Restaurant

Animal Restaurant often gives players some codes to redeem as lovely costumes for characters, such as hats, cars or fish (in-game currency),… This is the simplest way. enough to collect free resources. Players can refer to the Code Input Guide and the latest Animal Restaurant codes to quickly collect rewards

Expand more kitchens

The goal when playing Animal Restaurant is to earn a lot of money to unlock new recipes, hire employees and expand the restaurant. Along with ordering more tables, gamers should also add a kitchen to cook food faster.

Let’s start with the cheapest stoves available in the facilities menu. In the Kitchen section, buy the first oven and place it in the restaurant’s kitchen. When multiple customers order food, tap the dish bubble above them to start cooking on the stove.

Fishing at a friend’s pond

One benefit of having friends in the game is being able to fish in their pond instead of your own. When fishing at a friend’s pond, more items will appear than in your own pond. Gamers have a higher chance of catching something in a friend’s pond, even if it’s just a stick.

Use flyers

Flyer advertising is the cheapest way to attract more customers. All you have to do is press this promo button repeatedly until the top green bar fills up and watch customers flock to your restaurant.

Players can attract the entire customer base by choosing the top level advertising method. To activate ads on the phone, gamers need to click on the ad icon and watch the video.

Book a tipping table to increase your income

Satisfied customers will leave tips, but to collect them, the restaurant needs a money table. This widget collects tips over time, so check every few minutes.

Players can buy more tip tables, but it will require a lot of cods. Continue to collect codes from customers and pay attention to special customers. After accumulating a lot of money, buy another table to increase your income.

Gamers can double the amount of tips received from this table by clicking the . button Code x2 and watch the video to double your reward.

Save fish to attract stall owners

Every day, the game will provide a list of tasks to complete to earn more coins and stars. The list is refreshed daily with different goals, and some days, gamers will receive the task of inviting certain stall owners to the pond.

While it is possible to immediately place your catch in a rental slot and attract stall owners, everyone should wait until the daily quest requires them to do so for the sake of the owner. stall appearance is low and catching fish is difficult.

Unlock Buffet area

In Animal Restaurant, players can expand their restaurant by adding a Buffet area. Tapping the down arrow next to the menu will reveal an empty space that can be unlocked with 300000 cods.

The restaurant rating must also be at least 1500 stars, so save the stars to open a new dining space for loyal customers.

A big advantage of Buffet is that it automatically earns cods every hour. Unlocking this new space can be a great investment decision.

Hire employees to increase income

Hiring staff who are adorable animals for the restaurant will increase earnings and star ratings. Gamers can get a full list of employees under the menu and need cod and specific star ratings to hire them.

Employees are tasked with taking orders quickly, collecting cod, increasing tips, sweeping floors, increasing movement speed, etc. Each employee has a unique perk, so make sure to check the card. their information before deciding to hire.

Beware of spoilers

While most of the guests will help the restaurant grow, there will be a few who steal money or make upset customers leave. In addition, gamers must watch out for special customers, such as cod-stealing rabbits and skunks.

The rabbit will steal the cod lying on the floor and the skunk gives off a horrible smell that drives the customers away. To drive these troublesome creatures away, tap them until the upper green bar is full.

Pay attention to the tips the game introduces

While running a restaurant, people will notice text scrolling across the screen almost continuously. Mostly, it’s a promotional reminder to attract new customers or a greeting when a customer arrives.

Besides, it will also indicate if something important has happened, such as when Hedwig returns, a sneak thief arrives, or when a customer has a special request.

Complete achievements and quests

The Missions section unlocks when the player reaches a 25-star rating. Gamers can start completing simple missions and achievements to get even more in-game currency.

Pay attention to the orders

The quests section also shows pre-orders of the animals. Keep an eye on the progress bar and remember to log in when the countdown ends to claim your rewards.

Share rare animals to earn bonuses

Players can get rewards for sharing some special animals, such as badger, ostrich,… Once an animal is unlocked, gamers can share its portrait via Facebook to receive your reward. Connect the game to Facebook to show off the new animals in the Animal Restaurant collection.

Increase star rating

Star ratings are very important for restaurants. It’s a core requirement to get new customers, upgrade advertising, unlock new facilities and recipes. Here are some ways to increase the star rating in Animal Restaurant:

Infrastructure: Each level 1 establishment gives a certain star rating (once) when placing them on the restaurant for the first time. Test each item to see how many stars you’ll get for using them.

Complete all daily quests to get stars. Daily missions unlock when reaching 25 star rating.

Complete pre-orders one time from some special customers like badger, bear, ostrich to get many stars rating.

A shy animal customer will order 1 day in advance. Just make sure to open the game before the countdown for that order ends to claim the bonus.

Gamers can check the countdown of a mysterious order in the menu Mission. When the countdown ends, tap Collect to get coins and star rating.

Customers can give stars after eating at restaurant. The player can unlock it by learning the Bibimbap recipe and placing flowers daily in the garden to the left of the restaurant.

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