Resort development tips in Resortopia

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Resortopia takes players to become the manager of an old resort, with the task of repairing, monitoring and operating so that it attracts as many customers. In addition, gamers will make friends with tourists and develop their resort to world-class.

Resort management game with cute graphics -Resortopia
Resort management game with cute graphics -Resortopia

Players need to repair and unlock new areas of the resort, attract different customers and meet their needs, customize the look of each area of ​​the resort with furniture and other improvements. People will never be short of things to do in this fun game.

In this article, let’s learn Resortopia tips to help players maximize their profits and speed up the development of the fastest and most efficient resort and turn this resort into a top resort in no time.

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Resort development tips in Resortopia

Upgrade the resort’s attributes

In Resortopia, there are 3 attributes that players need to pay attention to: Tips Cap (tip limit), Offline Income (income while offline) and Resort Publicity (resort popularity). The two main properties are Tips Cap and Offline Income.

By upgrading the Tips Cap, the player can increase the maximum number of cookies the tip jar can receive. Meanwhile, Offline Income will help increase cookie income even when gamers are not in the game.

Finally, Resort Publicity, an automated system for attracting customers. People will notice customers with microphones on their heads and this is who the resort attracts. Investing more in this attribute will make customers come to the resort more often.

Focus on Pineapple’s Wish

With so many clients to invite and different facilities to manage and grow above all else, Resortopia leaves hardly any idle time for the gamer to monitor his progress while the business is growing.

Although players can manage the resort to their liking, being guided will help the speed of development of the resort more orderly and efficiently. Luckily, Resortopia has a quest system that provides objectives to follow – Pineapple’s Wishes.

Pineapple’s Wishes will always show 3 separate goals, and people can choose which one to do first. Each completed quest has an immediate reward, and a new objective replaces the completed one.

Pineapple’s Wishes helps players earn more income and valuable resources, and promotes the resort to develop in the most accurate way. Most of the tasks are related to attracting more customers, and all of them are very easy so there is no reason to skip it.

Visit the store and spin the gacha

While rewards abound at Resortopia, the shop and gacha market are additional ways to earn even more free items. Windmill serves as the premier premium currency in Resortopia, used to buy almost anything. It can only be purchased in the store and every day gamers get 10 free Windmill here.

Players can use gacha tickets to spin and get random rewards. Click on the prize preview to see the possible rewards in store for you.

Complete quests for more rewards

Pineapple’s Wishes combined with daily activities to participate in, as well as countless upgrades to invest in, is certainly more than enough to keep players busy with every moment in this resort care game.

However, apart from all that, the game offers more perks and bonuses for most of these activities. Resortopia also has quest sets that directly or indirectly yield cookies and other valuables. Players can easily complete the requirements during the game because these tasks are related to resort operations.

Learn the characters in the library

Everyone is just cookie people at Resortopia before gamers invite them to visit the resort. When clicking on them, a random cookie recipient will reveal themselves as one of many customers who can meet and befriend in the game.

Unlocking characters earn rewards and take the relationship to the next level, with its own rewards. In addition, building a good relationship with any customer means more profit from them, as well as bigger tips.

Intimacy is indicated by hearts, and there are several ways to increase them. Customers tend to ask for random things for a limited time, while at the resort, shown on the left side of the screen. If they complete their request in time, everyone will receive hearts,

Conversely, when it fails, the relationship will not diminish, but simply miss the opportunity to promote it. Quests that players complete related to specific customers will greatly increase the intimacy of the two sides, so make unfamiliar guests your best friends.

Take advantage of advertising

Advertising in the form of videos or any other form, is an effective way to drive popularity, attract customers and increase profits. Although the ads interrupt the gameplay, it ensures players do not need to spend real money and still develop their resort well.

There are many ads in Resortopia for players who want to promote development, especially those who do not mind watching ads often, will easily get what they need.

In addition, players will also collect rewards for not playing the game, which are cookies – the main currency in the game. Watching ads will also help multiply this amount a lot, comfortable to use for resort operations.

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