Resident Evil 4 Remake: Where to find Ramon Salazar’s chair?

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In Resident Evil 4 Remake we will follow Agent Leon S. Kennedy on a mission to find and rescue Ashley Graham from the cult that kidnapped her. While playing through the main story in chapter 12 Leon can find and sit down on Ramon Salazar’s chair, but finding it can be a bit difficult.

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In Resident Evil 4 Leon can be found Lord Saddler’s chair after surviving in a laser-filled corridor known as the Chamber of the Prophet in chapter 5: part 3. When approaching it, Leon will be given the choice to sit. down in it. While sitting down in Saddler’s chair doesn’t affect the story in any way, it’s still one of the most iconic moments to come from the original game.

In the Resident Evil 4 remake, the chair now belongs to Ramon Salazar and it cannot be reached by walking down a blinding white hallway or dodging a laser beam.

  Resident Evil 4 Remake
Resident Evil 4 Remake

Players will come close to finding Ramon Salazar’s throne in Chapter 10, but before they can reach it, Leon will be dropped into the Cave below the Castle, where he will be forced to navigate the abyss. dangerous until you find your way back.

After completing Chapter 11, he will be able to use the elevator on the platform where he fought Krauser to return to the Castle’s Ballroom. From there, Leon can open the locked gate leading back to the Ballroom to connect the two areas and then go through the large door leading east to return to the Lounge and defeat a group of Parasites before can safely proceed to the Throne Room.

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Once inside the Throne Room, Leon can go to the back of the room to find Ramon Salazar’s chair. Interacting with this chair will cause Leon to sit down, cross his legs and rest his head on his arms.

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