Rent Please! – Landlord Sim: Tips to help the inn reach its maximum level

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Rent Please! – Landlord Sim is an inn management simulation game on mobile devices. Join the game, after all the obstacles encountered, everyone finally decided to inherit their father’s property and become a rich landlord.

Rent Please hostel management simulation game!  - Landlord Sim
Rent Please hostel management simulation game! – Landlord Sim

Even if you are a landlord, gamers will not be alone among tenants, because players will also be their friends. Listen to tenants, give advice to help them improve their lives, thereby increasing satisfaction and income for themselves. In this article, let’s find out inn building tips to maximize your level in Rent Please! – Landlord Sim.

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Tips to increase your income quickly in Rent Please! – Landlord Sim

Unlock and upgrade services around the inn

People should prioritize unlocking and upgrading services around them at the start of the game because tenants will pay more for services. Upgrading things will also help players get better reviews from tenants.

Rooms should be a second upgrade priority and not the first. The priority list of upgrading services is in the order below, so make sure to follow them.

  • Nearby Restaurants
  • Laundry
  • Gym
  • Upgrade rooms to meet tenants’ needs
  • Unlock more rooms

Meet tenant requirements

From the review section (the button looks like an emoji with eyes closed), gamers can see the needs of the tenants and the problems they are facing in the community. So people will have to upgrade the services or upgrade their rooms.

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If you want more profit from them, keep the tenants with a 50% satisfaction rating. For example, if a tenant is complaining about the food service, the player will have to upgrade the food menu or efficiency.

Choose from different tenants

Don’t keep one type of tenant at your property because they will have the same type of needs and should always upgrade that particular service, rather than keeping a mix of different types of tenants. This way, players will be able to balance their needs and upgrade different types of services over time based on their needs.

Solve tenant problems

Occasionally, people will also come across a tenant who is having some personal problems and will turn to the landlord for advice. Now gamers need to give what kind of advice works for them and will eventually get rewarded with this help.

Watch ads whenever possible

Players can also maximize their profits by watching ads. This is the easiest way to earn cash if you don’t want to wait for the rent to come, then watching at least 6 to 8 ads daily will quickly make gamers rich. Players can also double their rewards by watching a short video.

Unlock and upgrade different rooms

Unlock different room types and make sure to upgrade each area, starting from the bedroom to the restroom. Players can check tenant satisfaction when clicking on one of the rooms and a numbered circle will appear, which is a tenant satisfaction scale. The more gamers upgrade, the higher the satisfaction level and the customer will also pay more rent, thereby increasing the income.

Complete to-do list

During the first few minutes of your career as a homeowner, gamers will be thoroughly guided by the building manager. With each new step a player takes to advance their apartment owner career, new features and items come with a brief explanation.

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However, in some cases, there will be decision points that give players more freedom in prioritizing projects and investments.

In short, there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to making every investment and every action yields positive results. To be more efficient and confident when making the right choices, players should check To-Do List before pursuing investment projects for his house.

Quick money making tips

An easy way to maximize your payout when you’re not actively playing is to keep the screen active at all times. To do this, first go to your phone or tablet’s settings, then turn off auto-lock.

The next step is when inactive for a long time, such as while sleeping, leave the game on the active screen. People will collect endless, unlimited 240-minute rentals, much faster than leaving the game offline.

Use the code Rent Please! – Landlord Sim

Like many other mobile games, Rent Please! – Landlord Sim regularly provides players with many attractive reward redemption codes. Codes Rent Please! – Landlord Sim gives gamers coins, diamonds, EXP, … to continue to upgrade and develop their inns.

With the codes code Rent Please In this game, players will have abundant but completely free resources, to perform countless renovations and expansion of the area. Players will turn the row of old inns left by their parents into magnificent and comfortable rooms, quickly becoming the most successful and richest inn owner.

Ensure customers’ electricity and water needs

Having an apartment complex isn’t just about making sure that tenants are happy with the room they’re renting. It also means that shared utilities, as well as basic utilities, such as electricity and water are always available and enough for everyone to comfortably use.

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Both the water supply and the electricity supply can be found in the upper right corner of the apartment complex. This pair of structures is one of the easiest to manage but must be checked from time to time for upgrade needs.

Players need to continuously add apartment rooms, then tenants, and finally meet the overall demand for water and electricity that will increase accordingly. Gamers can easily see the remaining power and water percentages at the top left of the screen. Although it is very difficult to see it at 100%, it is important to ensure it is always above 0%.

Using Speed ​​Up

Although quite noticeable at the bottom of the screen, the feature Speed ​​Up (acceleration) can easily be overlooked, especially when trend players are very busy looking for rooms, facilities and other menus to explore or plan their next move. Acceleration does exactly what it says it does, speeding up time, with specific benefits.

Time in the game is divided into day and night, while night time does not bring as much income as day because service facilities such as gyms and laundries are closed. Using the boost function promotes faster night time.

In addition, time acceleration will also give passive income such as rent payments and bonuses at a much faster rate. If you are short of cash and need it to upgrade, using Speed ​​Up is also a possible solution.

Increase community level

The ultimate deciding factor for progress in Rent Please! – Landlord Sim is the player’s community prosperity level. This is indicated by the star at the top of the screen and the bar next to it, which more specifically indicates the distance to reach the next level.

To get more specific about the tasks to complete related to improving your community level, just click on the star at the top of the screen. This will show specific upgrade requirements and new features or structures that will unlock when they are achieved.

Some other tips to increase collection

  • Explore different maps.
  • Design your own house.
  • Use codes Rent Please! Latest Landlord Sim.
  • Watch 3x Speed ​​Up promo video to speed up collection.
  • Collect free diamonds daily by clicking cart.

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