Racing tips to know when playing Ace Racer

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Ace Racer is a racing game with top-notch graphics developed by NetEase, ambitious to bring an experience like the Forza Horizon series on mobile devices.

Ace Racer showcases innovative vehicles combined with vehicles inspired by legendary car manufacturers such as Porsche and Nissan. Each car has its own Ultimate skill, waiting for the gamer to start the engine and start on the beautiful tracks.

In addition, the visuals and sounds of the skills bring the excitement of arcade games. In contrast to flashy graphics, the controls of Ace Racer have been simplified to adapt to mobile devices.

This article provides must-know tips to help racers master every track in Ace Racer, as well as master the important drifting, accelerating, and more.

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Racing tips to know when playing Ace Racer

Follow the instructions carefully

Ace Racer ensures players will not have to enter the race without any preparation. Even though the game is set to be fast-paced, newbies still have the option of doing the tutorial or even skipping it right away.

While a lot of new players will be familiar with how driving works, Ace Racer’s mechanics can still catch off guard. When it comes to Ace Racer, novel features are what sets it apart from other racing games.

Personalize to match your playing style

Right from the beginning in Ace Racer, the game will prompt gamers to choose what type of graphics is right for them. Graphics settings can make all the difference because the lag is still quite a lot if the device is low profile.

A new feature added in the game is drift. Players still have the choice and set of modes that they can use to move forward. Selecting One-Tap Drift can automatically assist players with smooth drifting.

On the other hand, the player can also choose Precise Control mode to give precise control over how drifting. This mode is perfect for players who like to be in control in that crucial moment.

Nitro usage time

Like so many racing games, Nitro in Ace Racer can give vehicles that much needed boost to win a race. Players can get more Nitro by doing drift more often.

In the game, Nitro can definitely break up the situations where the racers chase each other closely. Since the player will tend to drift more, the player’s car will also have to slow down. Nitro is very quick to recharge, which players can use to their advantage and speed up the car right from the start of the race.

Use your vehicle’s abilities effectively

In Ace Racer, players are given access to another new feature in which cars will have Ultimate. In spite of Ultimate Usually used in RPG or MOBA games, but Ace Racer uses this feature to give players a new experience when participating in racing games.

Benefits of Ultimate is to jump over the obstacles present in the track. Timing is also of the essence as there is always the possibility of timing the wrong thing and causing the player to crash into those obstacles.

If the player is successful in timing the Ultimates, the car will be sped up considerably. Players can refer to the Ace Racer Activation Guide for racing abilities.

Maximize garage use

Like many other racing games, Ace Racer also has a car repair and vehicle improvement system. After being shown the way to the garage, players can easily move there as many times as they want and start choosing the cars they want to use in each race.

In addition, entering the garage can help the player improve and enhance the ability of his 4-wheeled steed. There are many things that players can customize if they have enough resources and experience points. Gamers will need to participate in a lot of races in the game to collect upgrade resources and this also helps to master the car control.

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