Racing tips in Real Racing 3

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Real Racing 3 is one of the best racing games on the phone. The game possesses super realistic graphics, with a rich collection of cars with extremely detailed designs. In addition, the fast-paced and fast-paced gameplay makes racing enthusiasts unable to take their eyes off. In this article, let’s learn racing tips to help players master every road and win every race in Real Racing 3.

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Always use the best car available

Driving the most powerful, all-rounder vehicle is definitely the best way to pass any race with ease. People should not save money in the game, but instead use it to buy the best they can.

At the beginning of the game, gamers should not think about upgrading and the original car selection is not too important. People can pick up the Ford Focus RS, which has proven to be more upgradable and an all-round excellent car.

Once you’ve progressed, it’s important to have certain performance ratings on your car for racing. So, if you can get an upgrade that makes your party more efficient, do it immediately.

Choose the right upgrade

The top speed boost won’t help most races and challenges. Engine upgrades tend to yield better results in terms of top speed, but less in terms of acceleration.

In a lot of races in Real Racing 3 going 0-60 times slower will be much more beneficial than going 195mph. The start is very important, and getting off the line, going faster in the race will ultimately still help you get a higher position in the race.

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Besides, the ability to control corners better than the opponent will help players strengthen their position. So look for a way to upgrade the powertrain first and then the engine, reducing it by 0-60 times. Also, consider combining it with weight reduction to increase efficiency.

Understand the layout of each track

To understand each track well requires players to spend a lot of time studying the game. But as you become familiar with the tracks, make sure to take note of the track layout everyone is racing in.

This will affect route judgment and possibly even the choice of car to enter the race. For example, players will find themselves starting 22nd on the grid at all races Cup in Laguna Seca, that is, in the last group of cars. So everyone was at a disadvantage and needed to have the absolute fastest car to win the race.

Likewise at Silverstone, there are 3 different structures, with 2 different starting lines. Both have different layouts on the same track, in which National shows a completely different part of the lap with the layout Internationalwhile layout Grand Prix combine both. Considering the track ahead of time is just as important as choosing the car.

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