Racing tips in KartRider: Drift

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KartRider: Drift is a cross-platform multiplayer kart racing game, developed by Nexon. The game is inspired by the previous installments of the KartRider series. It offers many ways to customize characters and karts to suit the thrill and competition, fueled by fast and dangerous drifts.

When starting to play KartRider: Drift for the first time, it will be easy for beginners to feel overwhelmed by all that happens, especially the depth of the new racing game. The following KartRider: Drift tips will help everyone better understand the important mechanics, helping players race more skillfully.

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Racing tips in KartRider: Drift

Master the art of car drift

Just by looking at the name of the game, everyone will know that demonstrating drift technique, or dribbling, will play an important role. Players need to press the drift button on the right side of the screen to activate drift mode and then turn left or right into the corner they are turning.

Knowing the degree of turn is very important knowledge that players will need to know to learn how to drift effectively. Most people overshoot the bend and end up slowing their lap time. Muscle memory is the only useful tactic for mastering drift skills. Playing the map again and again will definitely give players a strong feeling when coming to the bend, thereby dribbling the rear of the car effectively.

Choose the time to use the boost boost

Acceleration is an important factor in getting through or keeping the lead in KartRider: Drift. Gamers can find a huge amount of nitrogen boost as an item in the box in item mode, but the most important boost to watch for is the boost after drift, which will help the vehicle’s corner exit speed. sudden increase.

This ensures that successfully drifting through bends gives the player more of an advantage than failing or not trying to drift. For this boost, gamers need to always be ready to press the boost button when it appears on the right side of the screen.

Get acquainted with the items

Items are the heart of this racing game, so players need to take some time to familiarize themselves with their abilities and learn how to get the best out of them. Some items will have a defensive effect, while others can be used to attack.

For example, if you see someone firing a missile at you, if you own a shield, you can activate it at the right spot to block the missile. To help with timing, when using an item, a small box showing the rear view will appear at the bottom left.

This helps the player know who is following closely behind to set traps or see when to activate the shield if something is attacking in their direction. There are a total of 12 items for players to use in the race of KartRider: Drift, all with different functions.

Items Effect
Banana Drop a banana behind to hit your opponent
Barricade Put a barrier in front of the opponent from the start
EMP Used against UFO items
Magnet Target a racer further on the track and drag the player towards it at a fast pace
Missile Lock on a racer of your choice then blow them up on impact to slow them down
Nitro Helps increase speed for a short period of time
Shield Used to block attack items, the only thing it doesn’t block is UFO
Thunderbolt Hit any rider in front of the player and slow them down
UFO Will target riders from the start and slow them down
Water Bomb Throw a water bomb forward and it explodes on impact, slowing anyone in the bubble.
Water Wisp Similar to Water Bomb, but only uses Wisp to hit the car in front
Angel Wings (only in Team mode) Works similar to Shield but works for the whole party and the only thing it can’t shield is UFOs

Use different modes

Players will get the most benefit from practicing on each of the different available modes. There are several exciting modes for players to experience, and one mode can complement another.

Make sure to practice and play each mode, thereby giving some advantages to the other modes. If you play Time Attack then it’s all about speed, so this skill will go into mode Speed ​​Race.

Also, the ability to create enhanced items through drift is available in both modes, so this is another switchable skill. Next, for the mode Itemsgamers can play mode License to learn more about the functions of items and how to use them most effectively.

Learn more about the game in License mode

License is a single player game mode that can help gamers improve their items. Each stage in the mode License is a challenge with an item, such as hitting a certain amount of AI with a rocket or reaching enough AI with a water bomb.

This is where players will get used to using any items to prepare when returning to the race with others. There are many levels License different for gamers to pass and achieve.

Another great reason to play mode License is to unlock the tracks, for each license received, the gamer unlocks the tracks associated with this license. Players will also unlock other rewards such as characters and currency to use in the game.

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